Chicken Poop on your lips

  1. has it (yes it's called chicken poop-type it in the search) it's cheap and after years of using everything under the sun for dry lips-this is awesome! Cheap too. I saw it, thought the name was hysterical and bought it (cause DH would just shake his head and that amuses me) and it worked! Up til now I used Burt's Bees and Philosophy for eyes and lips but this beats both hands down. Now there will always be Chicken Poop in my makeup case. LOL
  2. LMAO at the name!
  3. Lol! Does it taste like chicken poop too?
  4. I haven't seen the product, but I can tell you that the active ingredient is urea. :smile:

    For arctic tribes, it's polar bear pee, Japanese ladies in olden days collected pigeon poop, whatever the source, urea has a successful track record going back millennia, all around the world, for the simple reason that - it works! It's great for skin. lip skin, foot skin, chin skin!
  5. too funny! LOL
  6. For some reason, my son had a tube of this. I tried it awhile back. It seemed OK. I will search around for it.
  7. I went to their website, and I love this description:

    Kill It Dead™– A Natural De-funkifier, is a vegan spray in a brown bottle, that will fight all kinds of odors so people think you take baths. The visage on the lable portrays good friend and hard-rockin' inspiration Kirk Rundstrom. A percentage of all Kill It Dead™ sales will go to support the family of Kirk Rundstrom, who recently lost his battle to cancer.
  8. Thanks for the recommendation. The name is hysterical.

    I am definitely going to check out the website because I live an organic lifestyle and am always looking for new natural products to try!
  9. LMAO that's funny.:yes:
  10. Thanks for the info my bf has very dry chapped lips so I'm going to get him a tube. I can't wait to give it to him!
  11. I love this stuff. It's made here in Kansas. It's a must have.
  12. great reviews, i will definitely look for it at my local drug store.
  13. Hmmm... think I'll try some too.