"Chicken mc nuggets y'all"...

  1. ... Has anyone seen this commercial? I must be getting old or something because I just don't get it. Is it supposed to be funny or something? Everytime I see it I want to scream. It annoys the crap out of me! :noggin:

    Here it is if you feel like suffering through the dumbest thing ever IMHO:
    Sorry, I couldn't get the new You Tube thing to work...
  2. lmao.... i havent seen that before its funny but it could get annoying if you watch it over and over again
  3. Is that a real commercial? I don't see that they are advertising McDonalds. Another reason why I won't eat their food.
  4. ^ OMG yes it's a REAL commercial!

    The first time I saw it I couldn't believe it was legit. I was just like "Wtf were they thinking?!" But they've been airing it allllllllllllllll the time here :confused1:
  5. haha as a random video, that's hilarious. If it is a commercial, it would get annoying. Are you sure it's a commecial? It said the vieo was added march 2006....
  6. LOL-that's funny, in a stupid kind of way. It doesn't really look like a commerical to me.
  7. As a commercial, that is really stupid. I don't get it either. My brother, who is 12, would think it is funny. He's probably more the McNugget audience. Maybe that's the key? They had to do market testing on this w/ some group... I hope!
  8. used to see it all the time, haven't seen it in awhile...its kind of funny, gets my attention, sadly :sad:
  9. napolean dynamite called he wants his look back!! so scary that mickey d's is hoping on the you tube generation for commercials. just bring back that freaky blob grimace and it will be all good, better yet if grimace was moon walking in the back of that commercial THEN it would have rocked!!!
  10. ^ Oh yes, it's definitely a McDonald's commercial. They play it about 1000 times a day here during commercials and they flash the corporate logo screen at the end. My guess is that it's just two jackasses who made the song on their own and then McDonald's payed them for the rights so they could use it as a commercial.

    If you read the You Tube comments, everyone on there LOVES it. It makes me feel so old, because I don't just don't get it. I don't see the humor in it or appreciate it at all. Obviously lots of other people do though :shrugs:
  11. ^ LOL

    I always feel kinda bad for the people who work there when I see stuff like this. There was another one where these guys did basically the same thing-- they drove up with a guitar and did their order as a song. The first thing they said was one shake or whatever, so at the end of the WHOLE 3 minute song, the employee was just like, "Ummmm.... so that was one shake? And.... I'm sorry what was the rest of your order?" :lol:
  12. I haven't seen it. But it sounds kind of retarded, yeah.