chicken legs... chanel boots... european insult

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  1. ...such a sad day. i ordered a great pair of Chanel Knee-high Boots...
    so excited... got them today!

    ...but they could not zip up around my calves!!! such horror...

    ...alas i've always know this was a battle for me... european shoes makes are so cruel!!! why must all women have chicken legs to fit into those yummy boots?

    ...i'm 5'6 ...115 ...6 1/2 i can never have a high-end knee high boot???

  2. Oh, so sorry to hear.

    You can get them stretched... and if they can not be stretched enough you can have them altered to add more leather to fit.

    I know it sounds extreme...but I always have thin calves and my legs swam in boots...I took a beautiful pair of Gucci boots and had them "took in" up the leg at the zipper. Then I finally woke up one day and they were too the same shoe place "added leather" at the top of the zipper - so I can fit back in them beautifully.

    Both alterations were done in a fashion that was / is very beautiful. No one would know - unless I showed it to them.

    You might talk to Chanel in your area as to who they would recommend using. :smile:
  3. oooh that's a great idea^, i have a pair of chanel boots that has been sitting in my closet because they don't fit. They fit once i lost the baby weight but then i had another baby and now i'm back to trying to lose the weight but they were always a bit snug.
  4. Oh hun.. I'm with you on that! It is rare that I can find a pair of boots that will fit my fat calves!!!
  5. Don't stess, it's not you, it's the boots. My legs are athletic & I have a hard time fitting into boots....I'd rather have strong, shapely, muscular legs...appreciate what you have, life's too short!
  6. That is my HG item. I don't wear skirts or dresses because I don't like my legs, and would definitely wear them if I could cover my legs with gorgeous boots. Alas stylish, un-clunky boots have eluded me so far. They' either stop mid calf, which is an unflattering length, or they're short heeld, terrible quality leather and they're the most ugly, un-stylish, clunky boots I've ever seen.

    Where does Oprah get her boots? I know she must own some damnit!
  7. we have duo boots in the UK they're sized according to your calf size as well as your shoe size
  8. I think Chane boots and shoes actually come in a vareity of "width".

    I for one have tree-trunk like legs and boots therefore generally are not a good idea for me. I wear woolie tights - hey, I look like I am wearing boots anyway when I am wearing these woolie tights! LOL!