Chicken Kebabs! *, Serve with Garlic Sauce &Vermicelli Rice PICS INCLUDED

  1. CHICKEN KEBABS!:drool:
    OK made these tonight and are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! They are tasty, fast and you have to serve with my garlic sauce, Vermicelli rice, and pita!!! Soooooooo DELICIOUS!
    All together on the plate. Kebabs, salad, garlic sauce and rice with vermicelli (recipe in list under rice too!)

    Skinless/boneless chicken (however many you want...this marinade is good for 4-5 breasts) I would make 4 for 2 people and a child...if more people make more!
    1 tsp Olive Oil
    some salt
    some black pepper
    little cayenne pepper
    about 1.5 Tbsp OR MORE of your fave mixed spice...I used a curry based one AND a clove/allspice/cinn (very little of this) one YOUR FAVE KIND! or garam masala!
    Juice of one whole lemon
    1-2 cloves of garlic minced/crushed
    1/2 a medium onion
    TAKE ALLL THIS MARINADE STUFF and place in the blender! Until nice and SMOOTH!!!!!! NOWWW place in a med bowl and toss in chicken cubes and marinade 1 hour or more (the longer the better!)
    THEN! CUT Onions and tomatoes and place on skewers (metal) or if (wood- soak 30 mins in water first) and place chicken and onions and tomatoes alternately on skewers!
    GRILL: Place on grill till done turning once!
    OVEN: Place in dish all scattered with marinade...cook cvered with cut up tomatoes and onions scattered on it...and then cook til done with lid on and THEN at end remove lid (or foil) and broil (500F) until browned CAREFUL not to burn!
    STOVETOP : Fry in oil until finished and golden brown!
    SERVE with Rice and Vermicelli as well as garlic sauce and ALSO pita bread and Fattoush if you like! tooooooooooo yuuuummmmy!
  2. I love the rice (bi sha'riya) or as we call it timan in Iraq.

    Mashkura for sharing ;)
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  4. OMG that is one of the most delicious looking plates I've ever seen. I go to a Middle Eastern restaurant a couple times a month, it's one of my faves. If you don't mind, would it be possible to share how you made that salad on the side? My mouth is watering!
  5. Bookmarked!!!! Thanks for the recipe. Will definitely try it soon!
  6. did u make the garlic sauce too?
  7. Loooks Good!!
  8. Wow, that looks very yummy!
  9. This looks make it look easy! Im going to try this tommorow!
  10. That looks soooooo good!
  11. Thanks girls. Classbaby, did you make it?:okay:
  12. This looks great! Thanks for sharing.
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  14. Wowsers....that looks seriously delish!
  15. Looks delish!

    Recipe for the garlic sauce?