chickdowntown 40% everything

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  1. Thanks! I was waiting for an excuse to get a black halo dress!
  2. this is great, but the bag I want is out of stock :sad:
  3. please do a forum search on this retailer before you buy! buyer beware!
  4. don't buy from them
  5. I did a forum search and I could not find anything bad... ??? Does someone have a link to that thread?
  6. I agree w/Amandabug & Cookiejar stay away. You can find them by doing a search in the deals but this will give you a clearer picture.
  7. Thanks ^. Too bad I placed the order right before I posted the first time.:sad:
  8. WOW :shocked: Thanks for the warning everyone! I dont know what I would do if I didnt get my money back like those other customers.
  9. There is no way in hell I would order from them.