Chick flicks

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  1. pretty in pink
    girls just wanna have fun (young SJP and helen hunt)
    sixteen candles
    pretty woman
    dirty dancing

    i like chick flicks sometimes- most of the time i prefer more visual films... but these are from my adolescence- hard to seperate from that!
  2. you and I have alot of the same tastes in movies. I LOVE Ever After! Forgot about that one. Got it on DVD the day it came out!
  3. Any Cary Grant movie also. But my 3 faves are Philadelphia Story, An Affair to Remember and It Happened One Night.
  4. I Love, Love, Love Chick Flicks......
    -Can't Buy Me Love
    -13 Going On 30
    -Crossing Delancy
    -Where The Heart Is
    -Steel Magnolias
    -Terms Of Endearment & The Evening Star (I Was So Glad To See What Happened!)
    -Bella Mafia
    -The In Crowd
    -Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen

    ***There's So Many More.....I Will Think On This........
  5. 13 going on 30
    just like heaven
    ever after
    she's the man
    50 first dates
    never been kissed

    .. that's all i can think of right now :biggrin:
  6. To me, all chick flicks have a formula: Boy falls in love with girl / girl falls in love with boy. They have sex (or they kiss). Afterwards, for some reason, boy or girl decides they can't be together. The other declares their undying love for the other and they wind up together.

    A good chick flick, to me, is one that hides that particular formula.

    Ever After hid it well. (Boys and Girls did NOT. The formula was SO obvious in that movie!)

    Never Been Kissed hid it well.

    13 Going on 30 hid it well.

    Mean Girls hid it well.

    The Wedding Singer hid it well.

    The Wedding Date hid it well.
  7. oh i forgot!

    Pride & Prejudice
  8. Same kind of formula . . . different type of couple, nevertheless, still EVER so romantic:

    Latter Days
    Beautiful Thing
  9. i loooooove a walk to remember. i was crying halfway into the movie when i went to see it in the theater. when it came out on dvd, i made bf watch it and he cried too! hahahahahaha...
  10. Crazy/Beautiful is my fave.

    In Her Shoes
    The Wedding Date
    When Harry Met Sally
    Dirty Dancing
    A Walk To Remember
  11. Titanic
    How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days
    The Notebook
    A Walk to Remember
    The Wedding Planner
    13 Going on 30
    50 First Dates
    Where the Heart Is
    She's All That
    Sixteen Candles

    I don't know if The BreakFast Club is considered a chick flick but at the end of the movie everyone kinda gets together.I love this's too cute to not say that it's not a chick flick.:shrugs:
  12. Legally Blonde!
  13. I am a huge fan of Jennifer Weiner's books so I was hesitent to see the movie "In her Shoes". I was actually pleasently surprised by it.

    Would love to see "She's Come Undone" turned into a movie. Best.Book.Ever.
  14. Return to Me
    You've Got Mail
    Sleepless in Seattle
    Fried Green Tomatoes
    Steel Magnolias
    Love Actually
    Brief Encounter
    First Wives Club
    The Women
    An Affair to Remember

    I am sure I have left out some.

  15. I love all chick flicks!!

    Has anyone ever seen "If Only" w/ Jennifer Love Hewitt? I just saw it & it is REALLY good! =)