Chick flicks

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  1. I love chick flicks. :shame:

    My favs are
    -The Notebook
    -13 Going on 30
    -Legally Blond
    -Steel Magnolias
    -The Sweetest Thing

    What are your favs??
  2. I like death to a super modle titanic and ect.
  3. while you were sleeping
  4. I soooo love that movie too. I adore Sandra!
  5. Bridget Jone's Diary. Seriously, I've seen it a bazillion times.


    View from the top. love actually, never been kissed, Emma, win a date with tad hamilton, pretty woman...

    lol. there's too many.
  6. Amelie
  7. How to Lose a Guy in 10 days is a total chick flick. I love that movie.
  8. can't forget the best chick flick of all:


    I still cry like a baby at the end. every friggin time.
  9. Clueless
    Splendor in the Grass
    Houseboat (Sophia Loren & Cary Grant!)
  10. i love chick flicks. :shame:
  11. I always watch "Ever After" every time its on TV. I love Drew.
  12. They're my favorite kind of movies! :love:
    While You Were Sleeping is my favorite, but I also like Sleepless in Seattle, Return to Me, Under the Tuscan Sun, Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, 50 First Dates, One Fine Day...I can go on and on...:lol:
  13. PRETTY WOMAN by far!!! I can watch that a million times!

    Sleepless in Seattle
    Shadowlands (a major tear jerker, I think I need to watch again)
    Wedding Planner
    Return to Me (have any of you seen this with David Ducovny and Minnie Driver? Another major tear jerker! Love it!)
    Somewhere in Time
  14. I am a sucker for romance comedy!!!

    I love kate hudson's how to lose a guy in 10 days...
    newer ones like fever pitch and just like heaven are pretty good, too!
  15. Addicted - I think we like the same kind of chick flicks. :lol:
    I have all of them except for Shadowlands. Who's in that one?