Chick downtown scam!!!!!


Dec 20, 2006
I have never received such horrible customer service from a company! Long story short don't buy any "advanced order items" from

I purchase 4 items and 2 only came. When I ordered online it said ETA Oct 5 2008 for the advanced order items. I've waited 3 months for the other 2 items hoping that they would come any day now. I called chick downtown asking where my items are (3 months later) they said they didn't have an ETA. I told them that's fine just please refund my cc the $$$$ they said they would right away.When a credit never came on my CC bill a month later I called and emailed them several times to see what happened and I received no response. It finally came down to me leaving a really NASTY message on there voice mail for me to get a response (out of my character) a girl named Kristin called back (finally) and told me they should have already refunded the $$$$ and if they didn't they would tomorrow (this was 2 weeks ago) just checked my CC statement online and the $$$ is still not there!!!!! I called the CC company to see if there is a pending refund from chick downtown and they said NO. The CC is doing a charge back as we speak.
Please beware of this company. Go to and you will see all the dissatisfied customers. Chick Downtown won't be in business long with customer service like this!


Nov 10, 2008
New York, NY
if you search the two words chickdowntown + scam, you will find a lot of threads about this. Sorry to hear about this yet again and I hope you get it figured out.


Dec 1, 2006
that exact thing happenedto me! i ordered a pair of jeans in october and they were pre-order but it said like 2 weeks delivery...a month went by then another and i called and they girl almost laughed and said you should be getting them soon but idk then i waited another month and still nothing! So i called and cancled the order, i havent checked my cc for a credit back yet... but i better do that now! this place is rediculous!! :cursing:

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Aug 9, 2007
Omg I actually had a couple of maxi dresses that I liked and had actually bookmarked to see if I'm going to be able to order any soon! Thank god I saw this thread.. how could they get away with this? their site really looks very good!!
and I could be mistaken but wasnt this also the site that was heavily advertised on Kim K's blog?


Jan 2, 2008
Bay Area
Wow..really...this site was advertised in a couple of major fashion magazines too...I had something like this happened to me but from a different company... Sorry it happened to you, hope everything gets straightened out...


Feb 10, 2009
I have placed 5 orders with them and have been more then pleased. items ship the same day and beautifully wrapped with a ribbon and all. I think the issue they have is with PRE ORDERS only. Everyone who has complained thus far has complained about pre-orders. I have nothing but good to say about them. in fact, i JUST got my 6th order from them awhile ago. I got a few LQ scarfs and Swarovski crystal amirta singh bracelets from them all for 50% off plus no s&h and no tax.
Jul 23, 2008
Vancouver, BC
^I agree with you - every order I have ever had with them (10+) has been fairly smooth - the items usually arrive at my place in Vancouver within 3 - 4 days and even the one pre-order item I was waiting for came when advertised...sorry you've had such a bad experience with them!


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Jun 18, 2008
Somewhere out there
I luckily have not had any problems with them. Everything that I have ever ordered has arrived within the next 2 days. I guess it pays when you live close. But I have never pre ordered anything from them. I really hope that they refund you soon jjbrown.
Jul 31, 2007
They wouldn't have all this trouble if they would just NOT CHARGE the CC until they actually have the items to ship. Its really ridiculous. I just ordered a couple of items from them. (not pre-orders) so I think everything will be fine.


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Sep 1, 2007
Land of OZ
They wouldn't have all this trouble if they would just NOT CHARGE the CC until they actually have the items to ship. Its really ridiculous. I just ordered a couple of items from them. (not pre-orders) so I think everything will be fine.
I agree! I had almost the exact issue as the person who started this thread & had to involve my credit card. Everything worked out in the end (my $ was eventually refunded) but I will NEVER purchase from them again & have warned as many people as I can about their shady "business"


Feb 14, 2008
from reading previous threads about chickdown and their horrible customer service I have decided that i will never order from them... this is one of many threads about being scammed by chickdown, and a lot of people have had problems on purchases other than pre-orders, problems have happened with full priced merchandise, sale merchandise, special code purchases, etc.


Mar 22, 2006
I have also had issues with chick downtown on a pre-ordered item that was going on six months back-ordered. I got tired of dealing with customer service, and I would advise anyone with existing issues to call the BBB if you want to ensure you get your money back (into your account) in a fashionable manner.
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Jan 9, 2006
Staten Island, New York
Oh my. I bought a pair of JC velour pants that were on super-sale ($45 after the promo code), and they arrived super fast, but there are these weird dents in the waistband, almost like marks from clips on a hanger- I hope they go away after my mom washes them. I was thinking of ordering Tarina Tarantino pieces from them the next time they do a promo code, and now I'm definitely re-thinking that.


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Oct 15, 2009
OMG!!! I think I've also been victimised! I ordered the new arrival Allen Schwartz White Drape Cocktail Dress on 29th Sep 09. It said on their website that this item will be shipped on 30 Sept 09. Two weeks later and I haven't received any notification email on the tracking of the item which means that it has not been shipped. So this Katie and I were exchanging emails and she told me she still doesnt't have confirmed date on teh shipment bcos the item is not yet on-hand. I was like, WTF!!!! Its very misguiding, the fact that they have posted that in their website and even indicated that the shipment is on that certain date means that there are stocks available for shipment for that item. So when i checked again 2 weeks later, it said that the item will be shipped 15 Oct. Now, am really confused bcos Katie was telling me that they dont have stocks on-hand but their website says otherwise! I just lost my cool and rant at her.. Really really poor customer service. And even if this is a pre-order item, they should state it very clearly otherwise customers would be very confused...Now am really worried that this will be charged on my credit card..... OMG...