"Chick" by Nicky Hilton

  1. Before the line tanked,

    Were you interested in any of her designs ? I bought a couple of her summer dresses and tops. either way, I was not that impressed with her ideas.
  2. Not at all. I couldn't find any redeeming qualities.
  3. I will not go near anything with Hilton...
    I have been so disgusted by the two of THEM, that I don't even stay at Hilton chains if I can help it.
  4. Im guess I'm really out of it. Didnt even know she had a line of clothes.
  5. Never liked anything really. Although she's easier to like than Paris, I don't personally want to put any money in either gals' pockets!
  6. i thought some of the basics like the singlets were neat :smile: but i never actually bought anything.
  7. Isn't it funny how everything Paris has from her sister's line she ends up trashing? lol
  8. This line never really caught my eye.. I thought some of the star bags were cute, but I don't think I'd actually buy one unless they were something like 99% off !
  9. I never knew she had a clothing line.
  10. Her line never really struck a chord with me, not what I would usually wear.
  11. Nope. I didn't even know what her designs were.
  12. It seems that her name is more of a liability than an asset . . . I think she should consider designing clothes under a pseudonym instead. That way, she can tell whether people really hate or love her clothes for its design aesthetic rather than for her name.
  13. I only knew she had a handbag line and since I'm not a bowler, I didn't care for it. Everythig looked the same, just like a bowling bag, with a number 7 on it, what was up with that? She hardly ever even carried her own bags! If she isn't going to carry one, why should anyone else!
  14. WHo ?????? sike , she had a few nice items , nothing different
  15. it seemed funny to me how someone with such expensive taste made clothes that looked so cheap.