Chick-a-Boom Coming to a Forum Near You!

Prada Psycho

Jul 21, 2006
OK guys, time for a gravity check or to pinch myself and see if I'm awake, because I must be dreaming:

The (now former HHH-Hermes Hating Husband) has been restored to DH and better. I've been nagging this poor man without mercy to let me blow some bucks on something in a BIG orange box for a while now. I was expecting to have to sell off some bags (one in 20 out rule) before he would even agree to it. The man stood his ground, dug in his heels and would not be moved.....until yesterday. Not only is a little something in a BIG orange box on the way, he bought it for me as a Christmas gift. :wtf::nuts::yahoo:

That's all I'm teasing with at the moment, but sit tight. There will be a reveal tomorrow, barring any delivery problems. It's scary because while I'm not normally a "reveal" kind of gal, DH INSISTED I do it!! Far be it from me to deprive the man of a little striptease. :graucho:

No hints either, though a few of you know what's on the way already. Shhh.......;)