Chicco Lullaby LX or Graco Pack n Play?

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  1. I really want a 3 in 1 playard with a bassinett and changing table.
    Any thoughts on these 2 brands? I live in a Manhattan apt and I'd like something that can fit in my bedroom til we move the baby to the crib.

  2. we have the Graco Pack n Play and absolutely love it! We use it for everything, it is so convenient!
  3. We also have the Graco Pack n' Play and LOVE it! I am going to be using it again for our third baby due this summer. I still find it as useful as I did with the first and also the quality is just as good as when we took it out of the box! Graco is my vote.
  4. We also have the Pack n Play and will be using it for our third due next month. We love it. We use it as a changing table and for trips.
  5. Have you decided on a stroller? Because we got the Bugaboo partially so that our little guy could sleep in the bassinet portion until he was ready for a crib...saved a lot of money. Those pack and plays are great but huge! We are tight on space as well and found that the bassinet worked out very well.
  6. Hi D!

    We have a pack n play but B hated it after awhile. And we still brought him into the room to use his normal changing table LOL...I'm hoping we can use it later was great while he liked it though! It is quite huge though. I'd say a bassinet and a changing table in the kiddo's room would work better space-wise or maybe even a co-sleeper (...or swing...B had to sleep propped up for awhile there...LOL)
  7. Definitely Graco PNP. I tested both and I'll tell you why. The bars on the base of the Chicco don't look like they'll support very well, while those of Graco are an X position so the weight of baby will be evenly distributed. Next Chicco looks cute because of the mobile but once baby becomes 2-3 mos old he'd be too big to fit through the pillars of the mobile and you'll constantly find yourself removing it before inserting baby and will be a hassle.

    Meantime our baby is almost 1 yo and he's using it as a bed. He can't be in a crib because he's a climber and we're not taking any chances of him climbing out of the crib. I've heard of other babies using it as a main bed till 3yo when they upgrade to a children's bed skipping cribs and toddler beds.
  8. We actually own both of these and I would recommend the Graco PNP. The changing table on the Graco is much handier and easier to use than the Chicco. The Graco also has some storage for diapers/wipes/etc. The storage on the Chicco is worthless. If you want to use the toy gym on the mattress, you can't use sheets. The mattress is machine washable, but who wants to wash the mattress all the time. I just think the Graco has a much better design overall and we found it to be one of the best items we purchased. The Graco we have is like this style
    We also purchased an Arm's Reach co-sleeper for our bedroom. It was very nice to have and it doesn't take up a lot of room. The only bad thing about it was that DS outgrew it pretty quickly.
  9. I'm using Graco Pack n Play with a bassinett and changing table at grandma's house. DS naps in the basssinett when he's visiting.
  10. i have a p-n-p as well...used it with all three kiddos and loved it!

    dh now has it at his office for the days that he takes k-kay to work with him.
  11. Wow, I guess the unanimous vote is Graco, thanks everyone!
  12. Another vote for the Pack N Play, Kayla now sleeps in this at bedtime and loves it.
  13. I added the 1 with the newborn napper to my registry.