1. Saturday I went to the Chicago Hermes, and the first thing I saw was a gold plume on display. A very friendly SA greeted me right away and commented on how nice my orange plume was. As I walked deeper into the store, I saw a rouge H plume, also 32, and a 28 white epsom kelly w/cyclemen trim and lining. The SA offered to show me the red plume, and the leather was not clemence, but a heavier one (the name escapes me right now). Then she showed me the white kelly, and she said she also had one in vert anis. I almost freaked out. It was on display and I'd missed it. It was a 35 chevre. I almost died right there. I was trying not to kick myself for ordering the orange plume from San Francisco just a few days before.

    I really wanted to leave the store after a few minutes before I lost my self control and whipped out my well-worn credit card, but just then the SA said she also had two more kellys, which she could show me: a cyclemen and a raisin, both 28. So I waited for her to bring those up. I held them in my hands and looked in the mirror, and almost died again!! The SA pretty much knew I probably wasn't going to buy anything, but she was still really friendly. Then I opened my big mouth, thinking, what the heck, there's almost zero likelihood, and said, "Do you have any Birkins?"

    When she said, "actually, we do have one," I think my heart pretty much gave out. She said the name of it, which by then didn't even register in my mind, and then she went to get it. It was a 30 rouge potamus with black box leather. I had seen those on eBay before, and had thought, who in the world would want that, especially with those funky lines? But when she brought it, and opened the box, that was it. It was GORGEOUS!!! After holding the vert anis kelly and the birkin separately, a little voice told me that I cannot pass up the chance of buying a Birkin, so I whipped out the credit card. The SA is shipping it back home to me, so I should get it later this week. I haven't quite decided if I'm going to keep it. I'm gonna wait till it gets here and I'll post pix.
  2. OMG the Chicago store too!! Congratulations on your new Birkin purchase and will want to see pics!! I never saw that combination before but it sounds gorgeous. Who was your SA? Was it Caroline? I've never met her... just spoke with her several times on the phone and she was nice. The white Kelly...what size/leather?
    Thanks!! Enjoy!!
  3. That's my Hermes store! Yay! I saw the Cyclam. 28cm Kelly when I was there last, very pretty but it was a little small for my taste.

    Can't WAIT to see your new Birkin!
  4. OMG!!! So excited for you Jehaga!!! I cannot wait to see your new birkin! And what a wonderful story too!
  5. ah look at you .little miss can´t even leave town without buying something. better your husband trashes your credit cards :lecture:

    jk. WOW a potamos in red :girlsigh: YUMMY congrats can´t wait to see pics. what wonderful story congratulaionsa my dear you deserve it :flowers:
  6. Didn't get SA's name...straight long dark hair, smallish built. The white kelly was 28 in epsom w/cyclamen edging & cyclamen lining.
  7. Congrats!!! I was showed the same Birkin the first day I was in the Paris store, but I really wanted a leather Birkin for my first Birkin so I didn't get that one. But I still remember how pretty it is, congrats again!
  8. I even brought along an extra credit card for the trip (totally deserve a lecture!!!).
  9. Congrats to you! Can't wait to see pics! What a great experience you had in Chicago! All the SAs should be that accomodating.
  10. I guess I am am ingnorant about jahaga's new Birkin. What is potamus Birkin? Please anybody tell me?

    btw, Congrats on your new Birkin purchase!
  11. A potamus looks like this:
  12. OMG Jehaga! OMG! What terrific news! A Birkin! WOW! And the 30cm is a PERFECT size for you in a Birkin IMO. The colors must be gorgeous....I can't WAIT to see pics! Post as soon as she arrives!!!!!
  13. Congrats, what findings at the Michigan Ave. store! I am definitely going to have to stop by next time I am in Chicago.:yes:

    PS By the way, I am LOVING the new smilies...
  15. coco-nut: Thank you for the picture!