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  1. soo i couldnt believe how many people carry birkins in chicago. believe me, i live in nyc and work in the fashion industry but i can honestly say ive spotted more birkins in 2 days than ever in 2 days walking in nyc..weird.

    anyways, of course i visited the hermes store in hopes that i would bump into my first birkin with dh who now thinks im a birkin radar.

    i saw 3 huge travel birkins, black vibrato kelly and gold kelly..anddddddddd of course a lady who scored a 30 dark blue suede birkin with paladium hardware while i was there.. it was gorgggg! (my dh asked me after if maybe shes from tpf too and ck to see if someone posted- haha) i then had the courage to ask the SA if there were any other birkins in the back but of course they said no=/

    i also couldnt believe that on my way back on the plane, i also saw 2 more ladies carrying birkins, 30 togo black with gold hardware and a lady kicking around her 35 blue jean birkin on the floor in line- does anyone do that here???

    will be in sf this week...cant wait to visit the store:yes:
  2. I'm going to Chicago in about a week. Can't wait to go there!
  3. Chicago is my favorite city to visit... plus, always see tons of Hermes Bags.
  4. I love Chicago and if any of you ladies come in town and want to meet up for a drink or just want a suggestion for a good SA, PM me.

    They usually have atleast 1 or 2 Kellys in back and often a Birkin, but don't let them know I said that. :roflmfao:
  5. Was there in July! Great experience at H as well!
  6. Last week in Chicago there was a shipment of exotic birkins but it got sold out within a few days(I was going to report what they have but I was too late).
  7. Oh C--did you get to meet Caroline?
  8. E

    I called her for an update of my request and she told me about the shipment but I am planning to go meet her tomorrow. She wanted me to see the shipment just to get an idea of the sizes but it was sold out when I talked to her again on Sat.
  9. That's too bad C. I hope you have fun meeting her tommorow.
    I just ordered a Rouge G Ulysses & a heart charm since she's going to be out of town for her wedding.
  10. I used to live in Chicago, but I never noticed any Birkins (not that I would have recognized one if one hit me in the head when I lived there).

    I am surprised that Chicago is that full of Birkins....
  11. i would have loved to meet up with you! i didnt know you were from there. anyways, if i ever go back for work- i will def let you know. i love chicago. its a beautiful city. i also discovered chicago dogs as well as the yummy popcorn!
  12. ooo make sure to ask if theres a birkin in the back=)
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