Chicago trip questions

  1. On June 30, I will be leaving on a bus tour to go to Chicago, and I have a few questions for anyone who lives there or has visited there.

    We will be staying at the LaQuinta Inn in Bolington. How is it?

    One day we will be going to Marshall Field's for lunch in the Walnut Room then we will be making our own dessert in Frango Cooking Class. We will also tour the store and get to shop. :yes: Anything I should check out while shopping?

    We are also going to the King Tut Exhibit, Naper Settlement, the Lisle Eyes to the Skies Balloon Festival, have an Untouchable Tour, eat at Tommy Gun's Garage, sail on the Spirit of Chicago, go to the Chicago Botanic Garden, Sears Tower, and the Navy Pier.

    We have one night, Friday, free. Any suggestions on something to do that night?
  2. You def. should check out Michigan Avenue which is in downtown. You can literally walk up and down the "Magnificant Mile" any shop for hours and hours. There is a Shopping mall (water Tower), Tiffany's, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel, Crate Barrel, Gucci and lots more.

    I would love to check out the King Tut exhibit- it sounds awesome!
  3. There are actually 4 shopping malls on the Magnificent Mile. There's 900 N Michigan (which has Bloomingdales), Water Tower place (which has Marshall Fields, but not the one you'll be going to), North Bridge at Grand and Michigan (which has Nordstrom) and there's a smaller mall at around 700 N Michigan that doesn't have any department store anchor but does have an enormous Ann Taylor. Several brands have their flagship stores on Michigan Ave, too, like Apple, Coach, Banana Republic, Ralph Lauren, Crate and Barrel, Tiffany, and many designer boutiques. You could never be done shopping, I swear.
    Since, however, you're going to the State St. Marshall Fields, your shopping choices aren't going to be the same. I don't remember any high-end flagship stores near there, but there are definitely some big middle-of-the-road places. If you could get a side trip to do Michigan Ave then you'll have better overall shopping choices.
    Not sure where Bolington IL is, I've never heard of it. Was it maybe Bolingbrook?

  4. That is the main reason I wanted to go on this tour.
  5. Do you mean Bolingbrook? If so I live in that area and and It's mostly newer construcion. About 35 minutes south of Chicago.
  6. How long do the shops stay open? Is there anything else I should see (besides shops) that we aren't going to in the tour?
  7. Yes, it is Bolingbrook -- my fingers can't spell.
  8. During the Week I believe they are open until 7:00. They close pretty early:sad: I
  9. There is an IKEA in Bolingbrook if you're into that kind of stuff.

    There is a great Chicago pizza place called Giordano's downtown on Rush st. I think it's a must for people to try while there.

    There is also the John Hancock tower on Michigan Ave. to see.
    Ummm.....there are plenty of comedy clubs downtown as well.
    Jerry Springer show!!! lol just kidding.
  10. if you need somewhere to eat anytime you're downtown, there's a great restaurant called grand lux cafe. they have great food, prices, and very nice sized portions. i always get the chicken parmagiana. its right off of michigan ave.

    i went to giardinos too while i was there a few times. i didn't really like that kind of pizza. lots of cheese and sauce, extremely filing. but if you like chicago style pizza, i always hear people recommend them.

    there's also a Nordstrom rack on state st, if you're into bargain shopping :smile:
  11. If you're a Monty Python fan, you may be able to see "Spamalot" at the Cadillac Theater. It was great, I've always liked Monty Python!
  12. Grand Lux is one of my faves!! When I was pregnant I ate there everytime I had to go to the DR.(@ Northwestern) PIzzeria Uno Is also good if you want Pizza or another italian place that I like is Cafe Luciano.
  13. Actually, Spamalot is no longer in town, so you won't be able to catch that... But Wicked has been very popular here, first there was a tour and now there is a permanent Chicago cast... may want to look into getting tickets for that. I believe 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee is in town now, and I"m not sure what else... you can search for broadway in Chicago and see a list of the larger productions. Blue Man Group is also popular if you haven't been to one of their productions before.

    The Taste of Chicago starts on the 30th, which is sorta fun... like 60 restaurants have selected foods to taste (for a price...) but you taste most of the famed Chicago foods, many different ethnic cuisines and lots of things you'd probably never think of trying.
  14. Blackbird restaurant!

    In the John Hancock building there is a restaurant/lounge near the top with gorgeous views. The trick is to go to the side lounge and sit down if there are any open tables. A lot of people will wait in line for the back lounge but the view is just as great from the side.
  15. Chicago's got amazing architecture too, it's fun to wander around the Michigan Avenue/Lakeshore Dr. area and look at all the beautiful buildings. One department store downtown (I think it's Nordstroms, the actual Chicago dwellers can correct me) is actually in an old theatre, it's gorgeous! The old stage and curtain are there even!