CHICAGO! Tips, restaurants and hotel advice!

  1. Chicago Pizza and Ovengrinder's is one of our favorites! It is at 2121 N Clark :biggrin:
  2. One word SPRINKLES!!! I made it my mission when I was up there earlier this month for 1 sweet treat and the Red Velvet is SCRUMPTIOUS!!
  3. Man~ i miss chicago!
  4. Devon is the best street for all kinds of ethnic stuff! It's like a world bazaar when we drive down that street.
  5. You have to try Girl and the Goat.. It's really an amazing Resturant it's by Stephanie the winner to Top Chef.. Even Tru is also good fine dining.

  6. I forgot about Girl and the Goat, really fun place with good food and wine.
  7. I went to Chicago recently and enjoyed eating at Sprout. It's Dale Levitski's, from Top Chef, restaurant. It's tasty and the menu has a fun aspect in that you only know the main ingredients of your dish but you don't know how its presented or put together.

    I also had a lunch at Cafe Spiaggia. It was absolutely delicious and the view over the lake is nice. Highly recommend it.
  8. So as a late birthday trip myself and two of my friends are headed to Chicago on the 14th for 4 days.... any suggestions of places to go? Things to do? We're staying at the Double Tree in Downers Grove... i'm concerned about how transportation works. Also what's the night life like?
  9. Nightlife in DG is pretty much non-existant. I'd either rent a car or take the Metra into the city if I were you. I mean, there are restaurants and some bars in DG/Oakbrook/Lombard area, but they are typical suburban places and you should really experience Chicago nightlife. Staying in DG, you are close to Oakbrook Center, which is a nice place to shop and have lunch/dinner, but you can easily do that in a day. Yorktowne Mall is also nearby, and they have some cute shops & restaurants too. Have a great time!
  10. okay, thank you! and I figured as much, I def plan to go into the city!
  11. I recommend Millennium Park and an architecture cruise (the cruises are interesting but if you're not into architecture it's also nice to just get out on the water!). As for nightlife, River North is fun but can be touristy, and parking can be hard to find and expensive. If you're interested in seeing some of the neighborhoods, there are fantastic bars and restaurants in the West Loop, Pilsen, Logan Square, to name a few, and parking is easier and cheaper than downtown. I agree that DG isn't great...but Oak Brook does have good shopping. :smile:
  12. Ooh! One more thing: It's fun to go up to the top of the Hancock building (on North Michigan Avenue just north of Water Tower Place) and have a drink...the drinks are overpriced but the view is spectacular--better than those at Willis Tower, IMO.
  13. If DG has Metra service, it's so easy to take the train into the city and catch a cab to the area you want to begin exploring/shopping, etc.

    Millenium Park has become a must-see for locals and visitors and it's close to the Art Institute and the iconic former (:sad:) Marshall Fields, now Macy's on State Street. I don't care for Macy's but to see the main floor of the store is a blast from the past when big department stores ruled.

    The longer thread will give tons of ideas on eating and entertainment. If you want to shop, there is no better location than North Michigan Avenue and Oak /street.