CHICAGO! Tips, restaurants and hotel advice!

  1. The United Terminal doesn't have free wi-fi. It just has T-Mobile hotspot.

    As mentioned before, if you can get access to a lounge, you'll have internet there.
  2. I haven't been in a couple years so I'd like newer recommendations specifically for restaurants and shopping around MagMile/State/Rush/Oak. Im plus size for the most part but love bags, makeup, accessories, and paper.
  3. <---Chicago girl

    For shopping, start at 900 North Michigan (Bloomies and tons of other stores - and they validate parking) and walk your way South. Check out the Chicago office of Tourism at

    for fun things to do.

    As far as food goes, go to for Chicago - every restaurant in the City is listed, with menus and info. You can also check out for Chicago. It's hard to make a recommendation when I don't know what you like but for lunch go to Water Tower and there is a cafeteria style restaurant called Foodlife that is great. And by cafeteria I mean tons of stations (Chinese, Mexican, etc...mix and match) and they are run by some of the really good restaurants in the City.
  4. Water Tower Place has a Papyrus and a Crane's. Also a Sephora there and Macy's has a great beauty department. I remember a paper store on one of the side streets off North Michigan (maybe a block or two south of Oak St.), but not sure if it's still there. Shops change (I really miss the Border's near the Water Tower).

    If you've been there before, you know that North Michigan and Oak St. have virtually every high end name there is for bags, including Hermes, Prada, Tod's, Chanel, LV, BV, Coach, Cole Haan, Gucci, and the department stores have a great selection of many brands too.

    One of my favorite places to eat or get carryout is Pierre Gourmet (Peninsula Hotel) on Rush.
  5. Thanks ladies! I was not aware of the Hermes store...HMMM. perhaps a double tour bracelet.

    I do know that last time we were there, a lot of great stuff on Michigan that I liked was gone, so hopefully it's not as barren. I THINK the paper-source shops are in Lincoln Park and in River North area maybe. There's several in Chicago, as it's headquartered there. We have Cranes and Papyrus here but they serve me no purpose, not like Paper-Source does.

    I enjoyed Barneys on Oak/Rush, is there also a Bendel's along Michigan now?!

    how is the Nordstrom on Michigan?

    Our favorite restaurant is Petterinos, so I hope it's still as good as the last few trips up.

    Clothes wise I am on the plus size/regular XL size line which sucks, I mostly can't buy nice jeans if they're not brands like KUT from Nordstrom which goes up to a good 16.

    I love office supplies and the like.

    Makeup/hair stuff a LOT.
  6. if you like asian food, try joyee's! also the pizza oven grinder is a delicious place too. downfall is that they only accept cash.
  7. No Bendel's that I know about. Barney's NY is on Oak; on Michigan Ave. look for Bloomie's, Neiman Marcus, Saks, Macy's, and Nordy's. I don't care for the Nordstrom at North Bridge mall, but maybe it's just me. No particular reason.

    You're right--a Paper Source is different from the Papyrus/Crane shops. The shop I recall was an independent one; small version of a Paper Source.
  8. You must go to m Henry for breakfast. Its like the best breakfast I've ever had.
  9. The Michigan ave nordies plus size section is my FAV! The selection is great most nordies plus size sections are puny this one is like 3-4 times the size of a average nordies plus size. The macys at water tower is a small plus size section, imo the one at woodfield is bigger. However the water tower macys has a lush and if you like fun bath stuff you check them out.

    As far as eats I'd recommend lou malnatis pizza, near the Michigan ave area I like the restaurant Mighty Nice in the water tower food court(its a restaurant in the food court so it's a separate line than the one for the food court) they have great burgers/sandwiches and the best popovers(cheesy puffy rolls but you might have to ask for them they don't seem to automatically bring them out anymore like they used too but they are free), I also like the soupbox which isn't too far from the mag mile.
  10. Also I wanted to add if your having a hard time looking for plus size jeans a brand I just got into is not your daughters jeans (NYDJ) skinny jeans sold at nordies. I never thought I'd own/wear skinny jeans but I tried these on a whim because they had a beautiful aqua blue and I ended up grabbing two pairs of the dark blue wash too.
  11. Bendel's is in Water Tower Place. It's fabulous!!
  12. Wow--how long? I think I didn't even go in WTP last year when I was in Chicago, but I don't ever recall a Bendel's being there. Lord & Taylor used to be there.
  13. Less than a year... it was the first one to open (or re-open I guess) in our area, I think they are supposed to be popping up eventually in the suburbs too. I don't go in too often because it's trouble for me;)
  14. ^thanks! I'll be in Chicago in September and will look for it.
  15. Nordies Chicago has great shoe selection.

    I don't think I've been to Chicago without eating at Joe's crab, lunch is the best.