CHICAGO! Tips, restaurants and hotel advice!

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  1. I'm a true city girl! So, when I found out that I could go to Chicago for a week, I immediately said yes!!! I'm going with my bf and while we'll have a few days to spend together, I'll be alone for a couple of days (during the day), too. So, I want to come up with fun things to do while he's in business meetings. Anyone has any suggestions??? Shopping, entertainment, anything!

    Also, how's the weather in June? Hopefully really warm as I'm getting really tired of this winter!!! And warm weather is definitely something to look forward to...;)

    Thanks! :yes:
  2. visit Oprah's show!!
  3. Chicago is great! Here are some things you must do!

    - Go to the top of Hancock tower. However, don't pay the fee...just go to the Signature Lounge and have a drink. Same views but cheaper!

    - Michigan Avenue is a must for shopping. Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, NM, Saks, Bloomies...basically every single major retailer is on this street. It's called the Magnificent Mile!

    - Navy Pier...nice to walk around! Very busy on weekends though. Might be fun to do with DH and have dinner.

    - There are also a lot of great museums in Chicago!

    - Catch a show.....I believe Wicked is still playing :smile:

    There is Oprah and Jerry Springer...but Oprah is very hard to get tickets for and I don't think she is filming in June. Jerry Springer is pretty easy to get tickets for (if you like that sort of show)!

    Tons of great food in Chicago....I LOVE Giordano's Pizza....the BEST deep dish pizza ever!!!! Billy Goat Tavern is great if you are an SNL fan!

    I used to get to the city about once a month....I miss it!
  4. Oh and Hermes is on Oak Street. Just about 1 block off of Michigan Avenue (near Barneys)!
  5. You are going to love it. Twiggers gave great advice. Keep in mind Chicago can get pretty humid but with this goofy weather pattern you just never know. My favorite thing to do would be walking downtown. The Mag Mile is great for window shopping and people watching. Take a stroll on the Lake Front and hit up the museums. And don't forget to eat - Chicago has some of the best food! Giordano's is good but I must be the only person raised in Chicago that doesn't like Deep Dish. I stick with the thin crust. It's crispy and delicious! You could also take in a baseball game while you are out there. (Go Sox!)

    I believe Wicked is still playing but last time I was in town they were booked out pretty far in advance. :tdown:

    Let us know how your trip goes!
  6. June should have about the best summer weather. If it's near the end of June, the Taste of Chicago starts for about 10 days--dozens of restaurants have small samples of their food along with entertainment in Grant Park.

    There's Second City in Old Town--the famous comedy club. Blues clubs everywhere. World class museums--Art Institute, Field Museum of Natural History, shedd Aquarium. On Oak St. crossing North Michigan Ave, you'll find Prada, Tod's, Kate Spade, Hermes, Jil Sander, plus local boutiques. Marc Jacobs just opened a store but it's not near Mich Ave.

    In the loop (downtown) along the lakefront is Millenium Park where you can see the newest "landmark"--a steel sculpture nicknamed the Bean. It reflects the city skyline and everyone takes a pic of themselves standing in front of it with the city reflected behind you.

    If you're there the second full weekend in June there's the juried Old Town Art Fair--very broad selection of high quality, but mostly affordable art.

    I think Twiggers is correct about the Oprah show--not taping in June and it's nearly impossible to get a ticket anyway.

    You'll have a great time!
  7. OMG, I am going to be in Chicago at the end of June. I do agree with LisaG719..she is not the only person from Chicago that doesn't like deep dish pizza.

    Do you know when you are going to be there, and what section of the city you are going to be in?

    Here's what I think:

    -If you are going at the end of June, and you don't mind crowds, there is always the Taste of Chicago(talk about good food, and drinks)...Kinda spendy though.

    -The Museum Campus is great(I think there is 9 museums on the campus)

    -Also a thing that I always have fun doing is going to millenium park, there is the bean(it reflects the skyline in it, at the right angle), and the mileenium water fountain

    -A true tourist attraction is Buckingham fountain, or the John Hancock, The sears tower

    -Wrigleyville is always fun, take in a little baseball and all the festivities after, even if you are not a cubs fan, LOL!

    -I love going to Six Flags Great America...but that is more fun as a group, or at least one other person!

    -The mag mile is awesome! I can never make it without spending tins of money.

    - oh yeah there is also Navy Pier, you could spend an entire day there!

    No matter what you do keep in mind the weather. I was in Chicago last year from May til August and it was over a 100 almost everyday, and very humid!!!!
  8. I would take a architecture boatcruise on the river. It's fun, interesting and relaxing.
  9. Yes!!!!!!

    Good Restaurants...Carmine's for pasta [SIZE=-1]1043 N Rush St (312) 988-7676 a few minutes stroll from Hermes :smile:
  10. Oh...and don't forget some popcorn from Garrett's...although some say 'Nuts on Clark' is better!
  11. That's the first thing my mom said when I told her about my trip!!! LOL
  12. Thank you so much for everyone's suggestions!!! I'm definitely going to be doing as much as possible while I'm there as I don't know when I'd be able to go on vacation again (definitely not this year)...

    I'm hitting Michigan Ave (shopping! yeah!) and doing sightseeing till I drop! LOL

    Thanks again!!!
  13. I love it here in the summer......I know you will have a good time. Don't forget about Oak Street too....lots of boutiques!
  14. Anyone who wants a shopping buddy while in me!! I'm up for shopping any day of the week!!
  15. If you are in Chitown at the end of June you may want to head to MKE for a blast of Summerfest. Man I miss it...