Chicago policy - is this new?

  1. I talked to the SA that I have worked with in Chicago (my company used to be based there) who has called me from time to time and offered kelly bags and birkins. Yesterday I called and she said, that, they had a kelly bag I was interested in, but there policy now (although I have been a customer) was not to sell anything over the phone, that they will only sell to people walking in the store, and that they did not hold bags. She said this was true nationwide. This kind of startled me to be honest, as it has not been the case before (and does not seem to be the case in many of the other stores). Yes I know its different with your local store, when you leave them your credit card info in person. But for your "secondary" (or "tertiary") store? Has anyone else encountered this? Is it a new policy?
  2. That's interesting, since reading about the availability of Kellys in the stores, I've been calling, trying to locate one and had absolutely no luck, most stores said they didn't have anything. Chicago was polite, but seemed stunned I would even ask such a question!
  3. maybe because its a big store they are doing this?

    I think smaller stores have do what the client wants, etc.
  4. I spoke with the manager of the Chicago store recently, and he made it clear that someone would need to go to the store to collect the bag for me. Given the markup on eBay, taking a flight to Chicago is a possibility. I was promised a call if a certain bag is received.
  5. Hmm,'s probably as a result of changes to stay one step ahead of the resellers.
  6. It makes sense, because Chicago really likes to sell to their loyal Midwest clients. I've always understood that they will call you about a bag you might like but they do not hold it.
  7. It just seems if you are a client that it wouldn't matter. What if you moved...or are staying at a summer home, etc.
  8. stores by me have varied policies, BUT pretty much stick to that same sales over the phone. There are always exceptions!
  9. I am thinking that this is more a boutique-by-boutique policy as I too recently re-located. The SA at my original store said that they no longer ship items due to some new policy, but after checking with her boutique manager (I've been a customer for many years there) they agreed to ship stuff to me. So, I think it varys from store to store.
  10. I understand. I have to admit I was a little offended - its not like I am a new customer - and it made me not want to shop in that particular store. Plus, the suggestion that someone should hop on a plane for a bag that is not going to be held in the interim, even with a credit card, is kind of absurd. I know its not personal, but it did strike me wrong. Oh well, at least now I know.
  11. I hope you get your bag!
  12. Is this policy just for Kellys and Birkins, or for other bags too?
  13. I don't think that's true. I've been told they would ship to me if they had something I wanted, and they've also held bags for me with no credit card involved. I think they can pretty much do what they want, when they want to. I'm not saying it's right, but they do it. One boutique held another bag almost a week for another customer that I was No. 2 on the list for. Unfortunately, she took it! Oh well.
  14. It is frustrating to know that there are so many who wish to own a particular bag, only to see 75+ on offer on eBay for a mark-up of $4k. So, perhaps this is a way for them to stay ahead of the resellers. I hope this isn't true, though, since I have always purchased my bags from chicago (except for one) via phone...I don't have a boutique nearby!
  15. Chicago is my nearest boutique and I'm four hours away.
    This policy pretty much ensures that buying from resellers is my only option.