Chicago Police shooting cover up

  1. Thought this might be of some int. and wanted to see if anyone who lived there knew more about it. Here is a link to the story and a video of the incident:cursing:

    The chicago reader

    What are your reactions?
  2. I'm no longer in Chicago, but the CPD has a long history of crap like this. over the years citizens have been killed by out-of control cops. It's horrid and a stain on the reps of all the good ones. The Police Commissioner mentioned (Cline) recently resigned. The good-ol'-boy network........:censor:
  3. whoa that is crazy. I live in Chicago and take that train line, but not that particular stop. That is a high crime area but still unbelievable!
  4. omg
  5. I live in Chicago and I saw that article in the Reader too. I haven't seen much coverage of it on the local news or in the papers. I am sure that many of you saw the footage of the off-duty cop beating up that bartender a few weeks ago, so this just adds to these police brutality scandals.
  6. yeah i did, if you have the video post it up here so others can see the problems in that dept. I was really shocked all because the bartender who prob weighted a buck 5 didn't want to serve him because he had to much already.