Chicago Mob Wives

  1. :popcorn:
  2. Pia reminds me of Danielle from RHONJ.
  3. have there been new episodes? I tivo'd last night and it was the same as last time.
  4. I thought last night was the season premiere
  5. last night was the official season premiere. there haven't been any new episodes but they showed the premiere about 2 weeks ago as a "sneak peek" kind of thing. these women make the Staten Island thugs look tame. not sure i can tolerate this. i'd be okay except for the grown women resorting to actual physically fighting ... i find that bizarre (nobody i know would ever act like that), comes across as totally staged and therefore boring for a "reality" show.
  6. :giggles:
  7. This show is growing on me. I can't figure out what they're fighting about, but I love the accents. The curly haired one who lives with her old dad is my favorite.
  8. these broads (i just can't use the term ladies) are seriously demented, they make Drita and Renee look tame and sane.
  9. too late.

    the only episode I happened to tune into had two drunk women slugging it out in a bar. oh what a surprise. NEXT!
  10. yeah, i know ... [sigh]
  11. She's my favorite as well
  12. Watching this on tv is definately interesting, but being from only a few neighborhoods away from lots of them it still makes my skin crawl because I recognize so many of the names being tossed around, and I recognize them as names to stay away from, unless you can make them love you.

    The accents sound like home to me, though. You never get to hear a good Chicago accent on TV. :smile:
  13. ^^ Do you have any info on Renee? Why is she so afraid of losing custody? I know Chicago is corrupt but moms don't usually lose custody unless there's an issue?
  14. Renee is rubbing me the wrong way.

  15. Me too!