Chicago meeting later this spring, anyone?

  1. Would anyone like to meet up for coffee, lunch and/or shopping in Chicago? Considering we have a negative 20 degree windchill factor today, I would prefer to get together when things warm up. Maybe April?

    I was thinking on or around Mich. Ave.:graucho:
  2. I'm up for it!
  3. If I am in town, I'd be thrilled to meet some of you lovely ladies!
  4. YES!! I would be interested!! How about today?! kidding of course!
  5. ^^^ :lol:
  6. Well, I was thinking of meeting on Michigan Avenue somewhere. We could meet at the newer Starbucks at the Intercontinental (the one near Garett's Popcorn is/has been closed for a while), have some coffee, chat, then maybe do some shopping on/around Mich. Ave. Does anyone else have some ideas?
  7. Oh fun, I'm in!!!
  8. Chi town Chanel, looks like you are the official organizer. Does anyone live in the north suburbs? Would anyone want to meet up north in Northbrook Court or Old Orchard?
  9. I'm happy to organize. I need a bit of input from everyone. What does everyone want to do: eat, get coffee, shop? What days of the week work for everyone? Would a Saturday morning be good?
  10. I vote for Saturday and for coffee!!! You need caffeine for power shopping
  11. That sounds good to me. We need to get some more people on board and pick a date (sometime after March).
  12. That is odd, there must be more Chicagoans in the house than just you and me..i hope we get a crowd going.
  13. Have you picked a date yet? I'm a bit limited being in small town NC, but I consider Chicago area my home and if possible would love to join you on the Mag Mile. maxter is from the Milwaukee area and often gets down to Chgo. When you have a date, I'll mention it to her.
  14. How about April 5, or April 12? Both are Saturdays. Does anyone have a preference?
  15. I would love to join in if it is downtown Chicago :yes: