Chicago LV Meet

  1. I am going to have Irene sticky this thread.

    So Chicago people....who would like to get together sometime this Spring?

    I thought Spring would be better since the weather would be nicer for strolling on Michigan Ave. and it also gives us plenty of time to plan & figure out a weekend.

    I'll take care of organizing I thought we'd start with trying to figure out a month.
    So feel free to post if you are interested and what month this Spring would be a good month for you to have a weekend in Chicago.

    I am basically free anytime except the weekend of March 29. I will also cancel out the weekend of April 6 (that is Easter weekend...since I figure people will probably have family obligations).
  2. Oooh, could you put me on the list? I'm just a little bit south of Chicago, and I want to buy a BH, maybe I'll wait and buy it with fellow PFers! I don't have plans in March or April yet aside from Easter.
  3. I'm living in MPLS right now but Chitown sounds great! Love Michigan ave. Went there for Madonna!!
  4. :wtf: I just got home from there after 2 weeks!!! I will be back the end of April...I would love to come. We have a place in Highland park, but any chance to stay at the Peninsula over night...IM IN!! lol We are away in March...I hope whatever date is arranged I can make. (April, April, April!!!)
  5. LOL Sunshine! I would love to meet up with you.

    So far out of March & April....April seems to be winning.

    Let's let this sit for awhile and see what others have to say about April vs. March (BTW April means nicer weather...hopefully!)...and then we can try to pin down a weekend in April (minus Easter weekend of course).
  6. I am 5.5 hours away, I am originally from North of Chicago...I can't make it until the summer. That is when we travel up to see the family for about 2, you guys have fun and spend some $$$ for me! I'll be missing out:crybaby: Ghost
  7. So far, I am open any weekend. I have a few trips tentatively planned, but no dates yet.
  8. Well Twiggers had I known you were so close we could have met up a week ago!! I will keep checking back to see what is decided. Hopefully there will be more goodies in the LV on Michigan ave than after was well, not so good!
  9. I usually tend to go to the Saks LV if I have something specific in mind....but when I want more variety I hit up the Michigan Ave. store.
  10. I want to to meet up with you guys, but I may move back to Taiwan on March... :crybaby:
  11. Oh boo...purses...stick around until April! LOL
  12. YAY! I'm so there! hopefully late april? I'll be in mexico from the 10th to the 17th!
  13. Ooh, I'm moving to Chicago in late March! Count me in if it's in April!
  14. We would love to meet up with you! Mmmmm Mexico sounds fun! I'm going to wait a little bit before pinning down a weekend....but Sunshine also mentioned the end of April :smile:
  15. Thats great Meifa!