chicago living

  1. So, I may be moving to Chicago and wanted to know what a nice 1 bdrm apt would run. I've looked online, but you know you can never tell in pictures if it's worth the price. I'll be a single girl so I would preferably not want to live in the ghetto :smile: I really don't want to live in the suburbs either, so what do you think? Thanks!
  2. Definitely depends on the neighborhood. Have you thought of where you want to live or what kind of environment you want to be in? I live in Lincoln Park, a "yuppie" part of town: young 20-something professionals, lots of bars and restaurants.
  3. I used to live on the Gold Coast and I had a studio apartment. I moved out around 4 years ago so I know rents have probably increased since then but I think my final rent was around $1,300.
  4. One thing about Chicago is that there are a variety of budgets accommodated for living situations. If you check this link, it'll give you some approximate budgets for areas:
  5. I used to live there, and my brother still does. He pays $1300 for a 2 bdr/1bth in Wicker Park. You probably can't get a decent 1bdr for under 1k, but I think it's a relatively cheap city for what it offers (and hey, anything seems cheap to a New Yorker)
  6. That's only a little less than we're paying for a one bedroom with lake & beach views on the gold coast though... so I think it just depends. Its an updated modern unit, its just it is someone's condo so it isn't as high as the rental units. The one bedroom rentals we were finding a little up on LSD were around $1400ish and I know my friend's old one bedroom on Delaware was $2000, it really depends. There is a broad range of prices in every area.
  7. On the south side in the ghetto a 1 bdrm will still run you around $800-900. Unfortunately Chicago is not a cheap place to live.
  8. thanks for your help! i figured that i would be living either in the lincoln park or gold coast area. those are really the only areas i'm semi-familiar with.

    that apartmentpeople link really helped - thanks everyone!
  9. You could also explore Lakeview options too. Tend to be slightly less expensive, but there are really cute areas. I love where my bfs old place is, we will probably buy in that area together in a year. Whole foods, some stores, restaurants. But including that in your search may give you more options while looking.
  10. When I lived up in Lakeview (Belmont and Sheridan) in 2001, it was $1800 for a 2 bedroom and parking. When I lived downtown (Dearborn and Lake) in 2004 it was $1274 for 1bdroom and parking. not cheap!