chicago hermes?

  1. My husband wants me to go with him to chicago in 2 months. I would love to go to chicago again (its been a while since last time I was there), but not when the weather is cold. So I was thinking that I only want to go if he takes me to the chicago boutique.

    I would like to know if the SAs are nice there or not. Is it worth visiting? or should I just stay at home and stay warm?

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  2. the chicago store is awful.........and the sales people are the worst. only boston rivals chicago for a waste of time. I am sure there are people with the opposite exerience but in my experience (and i have been there 3 or 4 times) its not a very fun store
  3. That was exactly my experience. I don't shop there anymore, even thought that's my home boutique. :tdown:
  4. oh I don't think I want to hear this as I'm going to Chicago next week and was planning on visiting an Hermes store for the first time:crybaby:...I've been so excited about it too!! I have a wonderful SA at another store but it's not near Chicago and just want to experience a store 'in the real'..what makes it sooooo terrible????
  5. Wow, really? I dropped in (for the first time) the other day, and a wonderful Latin gentleman helped me out. Of course, it may have helped that I expressed an interest in purchasing an Evelyn right off the bat...
  6. me_love_purse, I would go try it out! Although I haven't been at the store, my DH was there to buy a tie (he forgot to pack his ties...he says...ya ya good excuse, I say :p). He found the SAs to be friendly and helpful.
  7. The Chicago store is actually AWESOME, I would be happy to give you the names of some wonderful SA's if you PM me. They also usually have pretty good stock (several Kellys and 1 or 2 Birkins) in back.

    There is only 1 SA that I disslike, the rest for the most part, are fantastic & helpful.
  8. Someone once told me Chicago is the second largest Hermes store in the U.S. (after New York). I would not miss a chance to go.
  9. My experiences at Chicago Hermes have been very good.

    I love Chicago all the way around. My favorite US city to visit !!!!
    But I love cold weather......

    Visit Graff as well, just across the street. Very nice staff there also.
  10. I've heard what Japster said^^ SA in local store said "Chicago is 'The Kelly Store'", they usually have a bunch:graucho:
  11. Chicago is a fabulous city and Michigan Avenue is GORGEOUS during holiday season. You'll want to take lots of pictures. It will be a blast to shop.

    The Hermes store is right off of Michigan Avenue, on Oak St. They have an excellent bakery/chocolate store called "Sarah's" only two doors down from it. The store is overall very friendly and warm and I have been a customer there for several years. I think your attitude and approach means the most. People in the midwest are very down to earth and nice. If you go in there with a good personality and not demanding, they are very cool. Like I said, there is only 1 SA there that has a snotty air, the rest are pretty great.
    Here are some pics I took last year of Michigan Avenue in Dec.
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  12. mlp, Japster has given you the info on that area of north Mich Ave. If I were you I'd visit the H store there. Your experience could very well be a good one. I've been in a couple times. The people I encountered seemed very serious and reserved in comparison to the Charlotte Hermes where they are welcoming and open.

    But why not give it a try. And you know how I feel about Chicago--it's practically my hometown and there is so much more to do and see than the world-class shopping! You'll enjoy it there.
  13. I will be in Chicago in early November. I will be sure to report back!:graucho:
  14. I go to Chicago shopping at least once a month .... it is awesome! If you have a chance to go, you definitely should!
    I have been in the Hermes store a few times and the last time met the most wonderful SA ..... last weekend there was THE MOST beautiful Kelly in the window, a brown color, Cafe maybe? Oh it was TDF!!!!
  15. I stopped by the Chicago boutique earlier this summer to look at scarves, and had a wonderful time with a very sweet SA.