CHICAGO !!! Hear Ashlee Actually Sing, Watch Her Dance

  1. Video of Ashlee Simpson actually singing

    Here’s a video interview along with footage from Ashlee Simpson’s performance in Chicago. Commentors on Oh No They Didn’t, where we found the video, are divided. Some people think she’s great while other says she’s got no stage performance, is mediocre or just plain bad.
    She strikes me a really dumb in her interview, but at least she’s enthusiastic and gracious. Personally I think she’s a good performer and can actually sing, even if it’s not amazing. Plus I’m kind of blown away with how gorgeous she looks on video now.

    What do you think ? :supacool:
  2. as someone who has had vocal traning she has a good tone but she needs to sell herself more but she looks good!
  3. I think she looked great and her voice is perfect for that role! It's nice to see her doing something a bit different for a change.
  4. Not bad! I wish she had more confidence though... she will gain that with experience.
  5. her interview was ackward, neither Simpson seems truly comfortable in front of the live camera, both always seem ackward when being interviewed to me, like they're always playing a part. . . that said, I thought her performance was fine, not spectacular but adequate.
  6. ^^^^
    I agree, Swanky.

    Personally, she didn't do any better than a highschooler could have. I don't think she has a natural gift for singing. I admire her taking on the live theater, though, because God knows that's tougher than being a pop star lip-singing to a track.
  7. Not a big fan of the Simpson's singing!
  8. shes not that bad.. by the way this is a GREAT musical to see live
  9. I think she can sing, but she's not a good performer. Her stage presence is awkard and she lacks character.
  10. She definitely exceeded my expectations! (althought i'm not sure if that is saying much)
  11. Her perfomance was okay.

    Although, I have now decided that SHE IS CERTAINLY the more attractive Simpson sister!
  12. I should really critisize because i cant sing for sh*t but i think her performance lacked the va va voom that rene zellwiger gave it in the movie, (ive only ever seen the movie) but that could be due to the fact that the singing was recorded separately from the filming, and that wasnt the best quality of video and it would have been better live.

  13. I totally agree with swanky....these sisters are always putting on a facade for the camera....
  14. her performance was decent and she looked good, but i couldn't help but think she looked like Jessica sometimes!
  15. I thought she was ok too. She's much better looking than Jessica that's for sure. :yes: