Chicago Girls - anyone tried balayage at Maxine Salon?

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  1. Have any of you Chicago girls tried getting balayage done at Maxine Salon (specifically I'm looking at Patrick)? I currently live in Milwaukee and have yet to find a decent colorist. I want my highlights to look natural, and instead I always end up too blonde, too stripey, too fake looking.

    I saw a write up of Patrick in Allure, and the salon seems to have good reviews online.

  2. I live in Chicago and my friend used to go to Maxine Salon. I think she liked it. I may have gone once, but I don't remember. I'm sorry I can't help you specifically with your stylist. Maybe you should go for a consultation first.
  3. I can't comment on the stylist, but what I can tell you is that I LOVE balayage! I've been doing it for 2 yrs now and I get soooo many compliments on my color! Last time I went to get a haircut, the stylist asked if my color was natural! GL:smile:
  4. Thanks! I think I'm going to try it, but I'll have to wait a few months since I just got my hair highlighted yesterday (by an idiot!)
  5. Wetbadit42, I can comment on stylist; Patrick has been my colorist for years. He transitioned me over to balayage about 2 years ago. I have never gotten so many compliments on my hair. He always did stunnng work with foil, but his balayage has that "wow" factor I've been looking for. He's no longer at Maxine's, though. He opened his own salon called Mixed Co. Salon in River North, very cool space. He was just written up in VOGUE (yes, VOGUE) for his balayage. I believe his website is Love it all the way around.
  6. Thanks FashionQuest! I might try out MixedCo instead... the prices seem comparable to Maxine. Glad to hear you love Patrick!
  7. Anyone gotten anything done since fall/spring? Was just look at Maxine myself! Already have some outgrowth of my old color; apparently they can work with it?

    Maxine or MixedCo for Patrick?
  8. I had the balayage done to my hair (not in Chicago) and the girl did such a horrible job :sad: it looked so ugly.
  9. I ended up going to MixedCo to see Patrick - while I love my hair, I was a little underwhelmed. I don't know - I think maybe I was building it up in my head too much? I have heard that it can take a few times of doing it before you really see results.

    I am definitely going to get it done again - it looks way better than foils IMO. I think I might see a different colorist at MixedCo (there's a woman that does it as well). I think she's cheaper than Patrick but she's also studied under Patrick, so I am assuming she's good at it.

    I went in April, and my roots are not that long. I'll probably wait until August to get it done again. It's growing out really nicely - it looks a lot more natural than foils growing out.