Chicago F/W 2010 Meet

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  1. Hey everyone! It has been a while. Is there any interest in setting a date for a meet? We could do the same time as last year (around the first week of December). Also, maybe instead of lunch we could do holiday tea in the early afternoon. I miss you guys!
  2. Hi J!

    I would love to come :yes:
  3. :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
  4. I'm a maybe! I'll watch for the date and check on fares. I have a newborn (born on 9/15) who makes going a bit more complicated, but not impossible!
  5. Hello everyone!
    Thanks planning and for letting me know about this J! :hugs:

    I will try with all my might to make it! I will know for sure when it's closer to Dec. We have a few family trips but I don't know when it will be.

    Congrats CK21!!! So wonderful to hear about your babe! You must've gotten preggo right after we saw you last year. My littlest one was born on 9/15 as well! He's now the big 2!:hugs:

    TT, I bit the bullet, YKWIM?!
  6. You did?? I cant wait to see~now you have to come!
  7. :nuts: Congrats dear!!!
  8. Congrats CK! :hugs:

    J & everyone, miss ya! Would love to get together and my calendar is open. I'll loop back to see what everyone has decided on the date/time/venue.

    xoxoxo, Gina
  9. one day i hope to join the chicago meet with some of the most wonderful ladies on tpf:smile:
  10. Hey Ladies, how about Dec. 4?

    We can PM the location and time for privacy reasons.
  11. Hi Ladies....put me down for a possible :smile:
  12. wow, it's nearly a year ago that i met you ladies in chicago, how time flies! would really love to join but I'll not be there this year,...hope you all have plenty of fun! miss you all.:hugs:
  13. Hi!

    I'd love to be part of the mailing. Would love a reason to drive down and explore the Chicago store again!
  14. Absolutely!
  15. thanks!:biggrin: