Chicago consignment/second hand stores?

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  1. I'm visiting chicago next weekend and would like to visit some consignment stores. i'm looking for high end shoes and bags mostly (chanel, balenciaga, louboutin). any suggestions on where to go? i found one called selections, are they any good? i'll be staying on michigan ave but have a car.
  2. There's the Daisy Shop, but every time I tried to go they were closed, even though their hours said they should be open. So I would call first.
  3. Are there more recommendations?
  4. Vintage Underground, Store B Vintage, Randolph Street Market (if it's on that weekend). The White Elephant Shop, but it's a thrift store, not a consignment store.
  5. I know that shop. It has some great items. It is on the Northwest corner, right? It's been there a long time and has a very good reputation. There is also a vintage store that carries some obscure vintage designers ('40's thru '60's) on North Clark Street. I wish I could remember the name. She had an exquisite vintage navy Gucci bag last summer.
  6. I think you're referring to Designer Resale
  7. They do have a website now, altho I don't know how up to date it is

    I always find them to be hit or miss - they either have some really nice things, or they have some overpriced, crappy finds. I'll never forget seeing a nice Marc Jacobs bag that was a couple of years old (one of the original multi-pockets) but it was so heavily stained and dirty inside & they were asking over $600 for it (and it only retailed for $895 originally!). A bag like that would probably get you around $100 on eBay!

    I don't think they're consistent with their pricing
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  9. thanks for the recommendations iluvmybags, would appreciate any further recommendations if anyone has some - also, are there some good outlets in Chicago i.e. Nordstrom Racks and Lastcall's worth visiting
  10. There are two NRs in Chicago -- one is inside the Loop and the other is off the magnificent mile close to where the Saks and Neimans are located. I've only been to the one near the magnificent mile and wasn't too impressed with the selection. Maybe someone else can weigh in.
  11. bumping for more recommendations if anyone has any