Chicago Choo loot!

  1. They arrived today, and I've already moved in to the True.

    Here is the True, first. Part of the Tulita collection F/W 2007, it is plum python and nappa leather. The back has a large pocket that would fit a file folder. The bag has clasps on each side so you can give it a more oval shape. The last picture shows it laying flat.
    trueplmpyth.jpg trueplmpyth1.jpg trueplmpyth2.jpg
  2. Gorgeous:drool::drool:

    But it is even better in person:graucho:
  3. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is GORGEOUS!!!!!
  4. More bag porn...
    This one is the Thelma, also A/W 2007. The Thelma is natural undyed matte python, also part of the Tulita collection. I remember going ga-ga over it a few months ago when Casey sent me some pictures. You can remove the very nice chain and then use the magnetically snapped holes in the top as a handle.
    thelmanatpyth.jpg thelmanatpyth1.jpg thelmanatpyth2.jpg
  5. That concludes the show, folks. I wasn't too bad. Both were on sale at 50% off. Now it is Robyn's turn. She got some indescribable shoes!
  6. Gorgeous jburgh...we're gonna have to start calling you the snake charmer. How many Choo reptile bags is that now?:winkiss:
  7. Are you counting the ones that have watersnake trim?
  8. Beautiful bags, love the python, but I just can't do the 'snake' thing--for some it's spiders/bugs, me, it's snakes.....but they sure are beautiful.
  9. Wow Jburgh, your new purchases are amazing! :yahoo:
    Is the snake skin delicate and difficult to take care of?

  10. :drool: Very nice!!!!!!!!
  11. They are Beautiful!! congrats!!
  12. OK jburgh, the next time DH wants booty, I'm thinking about YOUR bag collection...:drool::drool:

    BTW, on Labor Day weekend, if you hear the doorbell ring, answer the door, and see two Asian kids there (one 2 1/2 yo boy, 4 mo old girl), can you take them in and feed them??? (we'll be out in your neck of the woods for that weekend :yahoo:)
  13. And this is the definition of "covet".....omg....I love this bag! :love: I never thought I'd like the natural :sneaky: snake, but I was wrong! And I especially love the "built-in" handle....this is a clutch I actually might not know, if it were mine! :push:

  14. Jburgh,

    I think you scored!:tup:

    Now either I 'm going to have sell Colette Birthday present so she doesn't come to this part of the forum!


    I could Strat Raising Pythons Again!:nuts:
    (Back in the 80's I actually used to have 3 of them. The largest was 12' 7" and was over 145 pounds! Actual they all were very docile animals and loved to swim in the bath Tub!):upsidedown:

    BTW The Snakes are actual very soft and smooth when they are alive!:p

  15. Jburgh - Congrats on your LOOT! :nuts: The True looks yummy. (ooh, not the python part.. lionlaw??) lol! But it does look better than the previous photos I got from my SA. I heard it is big. Can you post pics comparing it to our dear Mahala.. pretty please?? I'm a sucker for size comparison. :amuse: I'm liking the Thelma too!