1. Hi, Pfers,

    I am tagging along with my husband's business trip to Chicago for 3days....(by the way, I live in San Diego)

    Any Pfers, who live in or been to Chicago, give me some tips plz!

    Good place for shopping(Yes, yes, yes!), eatery, and night out places, sighting places.....etc. Nice bars, clubs, restaurants...etc...

    He is working during the day so I will be on my own.....probably will go for shopping and coffee and stuff....

    Your help will be appreciated~!

    By the way, how's the weather there it cold? should I take my winter coats? (hard to imagine from sunny San Diego)
  2. Hah, my dad just got back from business there yesterday! I'm also in San Diego by the way.
    If you're going soon, take LOTS of warm clothes and be prepared for flight delays, my dad almost didn't get to come home yesterday but they scraped together a flight crew so they could get people back here.
    I can ask him what some of the good places are, I know he ate at a couple of good restaurants when he was there :yes:
  3. Hi, San Diego Pfer, Nice to meet you! (by the way I am from Santaluz area to be exact! :smile: )

    I would really appreciate it if you could ask your dad for some info!

    Anywayz, thanks a lot~!

  4. I'm so jealous! I love Chicago. I tagged along on my hubby's work trip in September last year. It's, hands down, my FAVOURITE city in America.

    I can't remember any of the names of the restaurants we went to, but there's a great area around Saks department store - lots of Jazz bars. Gibsons (I think it's called Gibsons) had great food and there's a really popular pancake house nearby.

    Sorry, not much help, I'm sure you'll get loads of great information here.

    Have a great time!
  5. Oh gosh I'm seriously right around the corner from you! I'm in Torrey Highlands (that little area at the very edge of where Penasquitos ends and Carmel Valley starts-you can see my area when you're on the 56).
    And I'll ask him tomorrow and get back to you!!
  6. Hello! I live in Chicago! I'm a native Californian as well! Where in Chicago will you be staying?

    If you're looking for a never-will-forget meal, go to Tru. It's a four-star restaurant and consistently rated one of the best in the country (along with Chicago's Charlie Trotter, but I think Tru is 100x more interesting). Not only will it be an amazing meal (definitely do the chef's prix fixe!) but their art collection is FABULOUS! Some less expensive but casually upscale bets can be found in Gold Coast... there's Tavern on Rush and Lux, both of which are great.

    Chicago has a great art scene, so if you're into galleries, the 25th floor of the John Hancock Center houses a couple of the best in the country. And you have to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art: they have a great Richard Tuttle exhibit right now. And of course, visit the Art Institute of Chicago, which I personally think is better than the Met!

    As for clubs, one hip place right now is called "The Underground." It's an army-themed, bunker-style club with a secret address. They give you the general area, but you're expected to find an unmarked door that will lead to the club, which I think is fun. It doesn't have a VIP area because the owners want everyone to feel like a VIP -- you can frequently spot celebs there. There's another bar called Le Passage that's popular if you're into the rich yuppie scene. Think 21 year old sorority girls from the neighboring university + 31 year old i-bankers. I don't know, some people like that kind of thing.

    You of course have to go to Michigan Avenue which is Chicago's version of Rodeo Drive. There's Chanel, Gucci, Neimans, Saks, Tiffany, all the big names you'd expect. Don't forget to go to Oak Street as well, which is a quiet street right off of the entrance to Michigan Ave... it houses Hermes, Tods and Yves Saint Laurent but is often overlooked.

    Wicker Park/Bucktown is also a fabulous area to explore. I'm not sure if this statistic is true or not, but it boasts the largest population of working artists in the United States. It's very hip, young, fun... great boutiques. They're opening a Marc by Marc Jacobs boutique soon, and there's a Scoop NYC, Derek Lam, etc.
  7. ^^^^^^ Definitely Ditto IntlSet!! You can't go wrong w/ Michigan Ave shopping. We have everything!! Many nice boutiques as well. You will have a great time. The weather here is cold though so be prepared to dress warm and walk.

  8. Perfect, better than a travel guide book....thanks all you folks!
  9. I've only been there once but I do agree with Intlset, go to Michigan Ave for the shopping!!!
  10. Michigan Avenue has fantastic shopping, off there is also Hermes (on Oak st.) and several fantastic shops along other side streets.

    There are excellet ethnic food restaurants:

    The most AMAZING pancakes EVER:

    There are also many excellent Jewish Deli's if you like corned beef, lox, bagels:
    Max's, 210 Skokie Valley Road (They actually ship their meat in from NYC- so they are very authentic tasting Jewish Deli but they are in the suburbs)
    also The Ashkenaz 12 E. Cedar (near Michigan Avenue)
    A short cab ride from downtown is also, Manny's 1141 S. Jefferson St.---they have great corned beef and many say the best in town.

    Bistro 110 is a nice, friendly Bistro in the downtown area too. It's across from WaterTower Plaza. They are fairly reasonably priced and served French and American Bistro style food.

    Vong's Thai Kitchen is a great family-friendly restaurant in the downtown area.

    For a good cajun lunch in the downtown area
    Heaven on Seven
    111 North Wabash, 7th Floor

    Paprikash- Hungarian food- it's Awesome!
  11. PS. It's cold!!! Please take a winter coat, sweaters, jeans, boots.
  12. I don't know when your trip is, but definitely take winter weather if it is at least in the next month... especially if you're not used to our cold. Sometimes the actual temperature isn't that bad, its just the wind. IntlSet had lots of good recommendations! While the shopping is great, the 9% tax sucks. A lot of people also enjoy going to Second City which is a famous improv theater, lots of comedians have gone from Second City to SNL and movies. Its in an are of the city called Old Town, very accessible, you can get dinner right next door at Adobo Grill, they have my favorite margaritas. Also, Wicked is in an open ended run in Chicago and that's good to see if you wanted a night at the theater. Have fun on your trip!
  13. I agree with everyone here. Mich Ave and The Art Inst are must see locations.
    I like going to Garetts (Sp?) popcorn when I am there. So good. I also like to go to H&M and get some cute, cheap stuff since there is not one here.
    I am jealous, I love Chicago. But it is so cold. Brrrrr.
  14. Bring comfortable walking shoes! I don't get downtown too often, but when I do I walk everywhere. The Mag Mile and State Street are only a couple of miles apart (if that) so I always walk to everything, including Union Station where I take the train.

    If you like Italian Beef you must stop at Mr. Beef on Orleans. Hands down the best Italian Beef anywhere. Here is the Yelp page:
    Mr Beef On Orleans - Chicago - Yelp
  15. Below are some of my favorite places for breakfast/brunch...

    Breakfast/Brunch places to check out....

    Toast (located in Lincoln Park)
    746 W. Webster Ave.

    Ann Sather - (the chic from the Gilmore Girls used to work here, Loreli)
    929 W. Belmont Ave.
    and also located at:
    3416 N. Southport Ave.

    Butch McGuire's - AWESOME EGGS BENEDICT!!!!!!! :yes:
    20 W. Division St.

    Lou Mitchell's (located in the Loop)
    565 W. Jackson Blvd.

    and there are more....but the ones about I thought were worth sharing!!

    Yummy, just the thought is making my hungry and then depending on where you are staying, if you aren't staying downtown below is my all time favorite -

    Egg Harbor Cafe - it's da bomb!!!! With locations in the following cities:

    Arlington Heights
    The Glen
    Lake Forest