Chicago Burberry Fans -where to shop?

  1. Hi all, I'm starting to become a little obsessed with Burberry I think! I'm on a ban right now, so no shopping in the near future, but this fall I'll be up in Chicago periodically for my job and I'd like to check out a store - so far the only bags I've seen in person have been a small stash at a department store. I checked the Burberry website and saw that there were three stores in Chicago - Oakbrook, Northbrook (I think), and Michigan Avenue. I'm sure the Michigan Ave store is the biggest and best, but I also end up paying a lot for parking when I'm there and it's a little less relaxing than a stroll through a mall. Are the Oakbrook or Northbrook locations worth checking out or should I just window shop on Michigan Ave?
  2. I'm sure both the other stores will be just fine... Oakbrook is a pretty nice area. Where are you going to be staying? If you're really adventurous, you can go to the outlet in Michigan City. It's about 35 miles from the Indiana/Illinois border. Good luck in your search, and welcome to the world of Burberry!!!:yahoo:
  3. The Oakbrook store is definitely worth it. I haven't been to the Mich. Ave store, I'm sure it's bigger and better, but the Oakbrook Center mall is fabulous and the Burberry store there is good sized, you'll love it.
  4. I love the outlet at Michigan City if you are willing to drive a ways. Last time I was there all clothing and coats were 60to 80% off. I bought my daughter a small handbag at 50% off! Otherwise I like Oakbrook because they carry the childrens clothing and Michigan Ave does not.
  5. This weekend I was in the Michigan Ave. store on vacation. I LOVE THIS STORE.

    For trenches you can get any style, size and broad price range to accomidate your needs, however I commiserate over the parking dilemma. It's just that Michigan Ave is so exciting and you have the Cole Haan store a few feet away..........
  6. i would say it all depends on where you're staying. oakbrook and northbrook are both very nice stores but are a good 30 minutes or more outside of Chicago, longer if there’s traffic. Northbrook burberry store is fairly new. that mall has added a lot of new stores in the last year. and LV is right across the way. and the Neimans in northbrook has chanel, no chanel in oakbrook. but of course EVERYTHING is downtown chi- Neimans, Saks, barneys (around the corner on oak), bloomingdales, Nordstroms, gucci, chanel, lv, bulgari, tiffany, etc etc etc. :drool:
  7. i was at burberry yesterday at northbrook.. went there to buy my bf a burberry shirt... oh in a burberry polo shirt.. looks deeelissssh=) so hot.... that place is dangerous..its right infront of louis vuitton.. hahah tempting.... i'll be there next month for my bday!! can't wait! ..speedy and pochette here i come!
  8. Michigan Ave store is nice.
  9. Thanks for all of the advice! I almost made it to Northbrook a few weeks ago but was sidetracked, grr! Probably best if there's a Burberry AND a LV within a few feet of each other. But I'll report back as soon as I get to go!