Chicago boutique SA recommendation?

  1. I'm heading out there at the end of the month and thought I'd swing by to check out the goodies...if you have a favorite SA there I'd appreciate the recommendation. Thanks!
  2. Christine helped me out. However, if you don't want to hear her opinion about what she likes and doesn't like, you might want to pick someone else. I do like to hear SA's opinions myself, so we were a decent match.
  3. What were her suggestions. I love to hear what the SA's think since they are working with this day in and day out.
  4. I haven't mentioned this yet - I've spoken to two different SAs at the Chicago boutique and found both of them very helpful. I called the first time to get an idea of stock, and the SA (I think his name is Eddie) listed available bags and colors - then told me to call back a few days later after another shipment.

    I then spoke to Paola, who was adorable. Eddie had mentioned that the Muse was out this season in grey patent. I asked Paola about it vs. the anthracite, which is what I was originally interested in...she preferred the anthracite still and helped to confirm my feelings on it. I did ask her if she could take photos of the grey patent, but she said it's something that the mgr would typically need to do.

    All in all I was pretty happy with their service, although it helped that I already had an idea of what I wanted. No tax, shipping $10, super fast!
  5. Chiming in with an update...I just received a follow-up phone call from Paola, who is a consummate professional. She called to follow up on my bag and to apologize again that she was unable to take pics of the grey patent Muse (and this was weeks ago!). She then invited me to stop by the boutique and have a glass of champagne while browsing the goodies.

    I'm sold on this brand and this company. It's so unusual these days to receive the level of attention that we as consumers deserve - after all, thousands of dollars on a handbag is no small matter, no matter where one lies on the socioeconomic ladder. And it's nice to have a subtle acknowledgement of that.

    51 E Oak St
    Chicago, IL, 60686
    (312) 751-8995