Chicago area PF meetings

  1. Okay - all this talk about a meeting in NYC, SoCal and NoCal is getting to me.:sad: Has there been a meeting in the Chicago area? Should we plan one?
  2. Aww, no one replied?! Well, shoegal, I am relocating to Chicago in late September so you and I can have our own PF rendezvous if nobody else wants to join us! Chigirl and Blue, where are you guys?! Kaligirl will be in Chicago, too!
  3. I'll be there, I'm a bit south of Chicago but I'm always happy to come to the city!
  4. I would LOVE to meet you, vanojr9! You know you're one of my favorite girls on here!
  5. I'm an hour from Chicago, I'd be happy to meet up anytime.
  6. How is the 1st weekend in August for everyone? August 4,5, or 6?
  7. We had a thread about a Midwest PF meeting...we had been discussing the end of August, and then it sort of died down. But I'd love to meet up with fellow PFers! The first weekend in August doesn't work for me, I'm in Alaska, but you girls should meet up if you all can! Maybe there'll be another one for me to attend later:smile:
  8. I am in Indiana, but the train goes right downtown for me....I also replied on the other thread that the weekend of 8/20 or 8/27 works :smile: