Chicago Area - 20% off EVERYTHING, Bess & Loie (including sale items!)


& My Motos & Shoes!
Sep 13, 2006
The Windy City
A while ago, I posted about a new Chicago boutique called Bess & Loie:

This Thursday, they are having a Holiday Open House and on Saturday, they are having a SBG Trunk Show - for both events (2 days only!) EVERYTHING IN THE STORE will be 20% (including sale items!!)

here is the full email that I received - I will definitely be there!:

This Weekend at Bess & Loie
[FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]20% off the entire store during our two great events![/FONT]

[FONT=Georgia,Times New Roman,Times,Serif]Two great events.
One great place.
(I had to. It sounded too good)

(I know that this is too much information but there's so much going on that I just couldn't make it any shorter! I'm sorry to do this to you, but read it...I promise that it will be worth your while!

[FONT=Georgia,Times New Roman,Times,Serif]First, come to
"the so big that i still haven't come up with a name for it party!!!!"[/FONT]

[FONT=Georgia,Times New Roman,Times,Serif]On Thursday, Nov 29, from 6-9 PM, we have four of our favorite local designers showing their wares.[/FONT]

[FONT=Georgia,Times New Roman,Times,Serif]bocUe handbags[/FONT]
[FONT=Georgia,Times New Roman,Times,Serif]Joann Lysiak Jewelry[/FONT]
[FONT=Georgia,Times New Roman,Times,Serif]Elyse C. Bec Scarves[/FONT]
[FONT=Georgia,Times New Roman,Times,Serif]The Post Family[/FONT]

[FONT=Georgia,Times New Roman,Times,Serif]Wine will be poured by the West Loop's own Craig Perman of Perman Wines
(formerly Bennet Wines)

Stock up on gifts for all of your friends and family, in all price ranges, for both men and women!

[FONT=System,Chicago,sans-serif]And second,
Saturday, Dec 1, all day, from 11-7
SBG Designs Trunk show

Jewelry designer to the stars Sara Beth Goldfine will be in the store showing her line. We carry her line in the store and we love it! Come and see what's new from one of our favorite jewelry designers[/FONT]
. She's really nice too. You should come and meet her.

Check out her collection at

But remember....most importantly.....
20% off everything in the store during the events!
(including an additional 20% off sale merchandise as come and get it while the getting is hot!)

last but not least....
next Saturday, Dec 8, we're hosting a shopping event with Chic Gems (, with 10% of all sales that day benefitting Imerman's Angels.

And remember to keep us in mind for gift giving as well- we have many great gifts for under $50 and $100, for both men and women. Bags, wallets, jewelry, ties, hats, scarves, mittens, lipstick.... we've pretty much got you covered. Gift Certificates are available too.

Let us be your one stop shop for all of your gift giving needs!

Thanks so much everyone- happy holidays and hope to see you soon!


Allyson Holleb
bess & loie
1015 w.lake st
chicago, il 60607

p. 312.226.2247
f. 312.226.8117


& My Motos & Shoes!
Sep 13, 2006
The Windy City
So I stopped by Bess & Loie's this evening and the place was packed! I'm so happy that she had such a wonderful turnout. Did any other PFers attend?

I bought myself a gorgeous wrap from Elyse C. Bec Scarves ( - It's the fishnet style in really pretty shade of gray (it has blue-ish undertones giving it an almost denim look to it - so pretty!!). I didn't really have a chance to look through all the bags - it was pretty crowded in there & I had my granddaughter with me. They didn't have the Dautore bag I had wanted to get (I saw it on my last trip there), but they did have another Dautore bag that I'm thinking about getting. She's holding it for me until Saturday, since I'm going for the trunk show.

From what I could tell, she had quite a few Hayden Harnett bags. She also had a really pretty Kale bag but it's orig price was $700+ so even with 20% off, it's still out of my price range. There were also these other bags whose designer I just can't seem to remember - it's something like "Ayeya" (I wish I had written it down!). They had these gorgeous satchel style bags that were just so pretty.

I felt like a kid in a candy store! I can't wait to go back on Saturday!