Chic ways to wear Birkenstocks

  1. After my first back surgery in 2003 I had to part with all my heels which really broke my heart :sick: . I had Manolos, Jimmy Choos, Christian Laboutin, Chanel, and a lot of Chinese Laundry and Steve Maddens. The only pair I kept are my wedding shoes for the obvious reasons. My doctors and physical therapists all said the same thing-buy Birkenstocks:huh: Well, it took awhile but you know what-these are the most confortable things I ever wore and I totally love them! I have over 40 pairs and counting-and at less than $150 a pair that leaves a lot more in the budget for purses. Anyone else love Birks?
  2. I love them! I wear them all the time in Summer and have been guilty of wearing them with socks in winter.
  3. I only have two pairs, but they are wonderful
  4. i'm not a fan of birks but i know they are very confortable and good for the feet. i'd wear them only if i had too, honestly.
  5. I have a purple pair with a triple band that if I could replace I would, but I've never seen them again...:cry:

    Cal: Birks with socks? Arrrgh! You either have to be shot or banished to the earth sciences forum to hang out with the other geologists and geographers! :lol:
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  6. Tragic eh? Even worse they were explorer socks (it was winter!).
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  7. Try QVC thats where I got my purple ones

    When I lived in Wisconsin I added socks in October, my gold lurex socks looked cool with my black Birks & my black Chloe Paddington:amuse:
  8. I used to wear Birks -- had many pairs. But I have to say: Mephisto is much better! The Mephisto Heidi -- my latest pair_ look a lot like the Arizona, with two straps. The Mephisto Helen is a great thong. They look a lot like Birks but are padded underfoot. A little bit more expensive than Birks, but not much.
  9. I agree, Mehpistos are really comfy. I wore Birks in college. I still have 2 pair but I have not worn them for years! The one pair has been all opver the owrld with my when I traveled for a few months...I can not get rid of them!!! (to many memories!!!) silly...
  10. HAHA! I wear mine all the time too...and yes that means in the winter with socks the odd time lol! LOVE THEM!
  11. I love my birks. I want to get these for the summer:

    They're silver!
    nativeny- if you're looking for more cute and comfortable shoes- I suggest looking at camper ( Their shoes are incredibly comfy and the designs are pretty darn whimsical. Dansko clogs are not too shabby either (the backless sort).
  13. Yeah, the Madrid's seem to be pretty popular. I have a pair in silver, but they aren't the Narrow width- they are too wide for my feet. Unfortunately Birks don't fit me well- I am between a 38 and 39. If they made 1/2 sizes, I would probably own 100 pairs!
    I like the Kors immitations- so much more comfy for my feet!!