Chic or Shriek !!!!!!

  1. Are there any colours out there that you feel you should stay away from ?

    or certain colour combinations?

    Why ?

    Yellow is a colour that could have a lot of shrieks if not styled properly,

    For Example:

    1 Wearing Black & Yellow, one could end up looking like a Bumble Bee.

    2 Red & Green (dark green ) should only be seen at Christmas.?
  2. i hate orange and black together it reminds me of spiders and bratty toddlers with sticky candy hands *shudders* I also don't really wear a lot of red i like it i just don't wear it a lot lol
  3. Shrieks:
    • People who wear every single (mis-matched!) green article of clothing they own on St. Paddy's Day
    • More than one neon color worn together
    • Black socks with sandals (pretty much ANY socks with sandals on anyone except young children and old men)
    • Red and pink worn together
    • Multiple articles of camouflage print worn at the same time
    • Anything overmatched - same color from shoes to eyeshadow
    • Green (one at a time, please!) - it's the new neutral!
    • Pale pink and bright raspberry layered (I can't pull this off with my coloring, but I've seen people who can make it look smashing)
    • a single bright color on an otherwise neutral palette (orange bag with a beige or gray ensemble)
    • brown and black worn together
  4. Chic: I like to wear classic-cut white shirts.

    Shriek: Head-to-toe all-white outfits....reminds me of "The Loveboat"...
  5. Ooh, yes!!!!
  6. It's funny, when I saw this subject I thought it said Chic or Shrek! :smile:

    I have a white blouse that I wear with jeans & a chocolate brown bag & I think that looks chic...the white & chocolate...if I say so myself. :smile:

    I think too many metallics would make me bag with silver shoes.
  7. shriek: denim jackets with denim pants, especially if they match
  8. Chic- Black & White ..especially this season..its in!

    Shriek-When people match their eyeshadow to their shirts!,also black lip liner.. NO one naturally has black lined lips..its nasty
  9. I absolutely hate all those rust browns, mustards and oranges that seem to appear in the stores every year when fall hits. This ties in with my other colour pet peeve - people who wear earthy shades when their complexions are crying out for something else!

    Can you tell I'm a big fan of knowing your colours and sticking to your "season"? :smile:
  10. orange if not worn properly can make you look like a pumpkin.

  11. Black lip liner - yeah, isn't that tacky? Especially when they pair it with frosted light lipstick. :sick:
  12. Heh. Fall is my season. :biggrin:
  13. yeah ! thats a good one. :nuts:
  14. Definate shriek - wearing two different shades of black at the same time. ie. A black blazer and faded black slacks. Tacky Tacky Tacky!
  15. I think your jewelry should match your outfit. Like if your wearing dark color, I dont think white gold or silver looks good. I also don't think it look good wear like silver/white gold earring with a gold necklace. I once saw someone wear black pearl earing with a white necklace.