Chic Night Club Attire?

  1. Hi everyone. My name is Katie. I currently live in a small town in FL, but i am going to LA in a few weeks. I need clothes to wear to night clubs because my friends are taking me to some of the really hot trendy ones. I have no idea what people even wear to a club. Any suggestions. [ps if this helps, $$$ is not a problem and i am 5'10 with 34-24-34 (slim) measurements]

    PLEASE i am desperate. I don't want to look like a small town girl that got dropped in a city.
  2. Is there a forever 21 around you? They sell inexpensive clothes to go out in. Not the best quality but if you're just going clubbing, it should do. =)
  3. agree forever 21 sells real inexpensive clothes that are great for clubbin, typa clothes ud prolly wear only once but its ok b/c theyre so inexpensive. they even have accessories!
  4. Forever21
    Wet Seal
  5. well i was hoping for something that was a bit nicer. i mean i don't want to have to wait in line. i want to stick out. and be fabulous.
  6. Bebe, Guess, BCBG?
  7. Some small boutique maybe?

    I love clothes in boutique better as they carry unique brands sometime.
  8. Those are great suggestions. Sometimes I'll pick stuff up at H&M and Zara too!
  9. Oops, I forgot to mention Free People (I think you can find their stuff at Urban Outfitters)
  10. maybe some catherine malandrino?
    DO NOT wear Forever 21, etc.... locals will mistake you for B&T, that is what you don't want.
  11. Theory makes some GREAT camisoles..wear it with HOT designer jeans and SLAMMIN heels....
  12. If money is not a problem, go with something outrageous by Roberto Cavalli, Pucci, Versace, Temperley, Sass & Bide and Matthew Williamson. Something bright and eye catching. Pair with a designer bag (like the small Gucci evening bag with the large flower) and sky high jeweled heels (Rene Cavolla or Giuseppe Zanotti).

    I'm assuming you are going to more trendy celebrity-friendly places.
  13. I think you will find something at Bebe, BCBG, or Areden B.
  14. BEBE.. they have great classy- clubby attire. Some hot jeans (think bling bling)and a nice glam top. Its not gonna scream"im here for the first time, look at meeee" style. Good luck!
  15. check on the net....

    net a porter
    bergdorf&Neimans in the 'casual' section...

    i'll have a look and if i find something i like, i'll post...
    sorry, i am a bit off topic,what kind of chlotes do you need?!
    jeans+sexy blouse or t-shirt?