Chic Caviar Questions

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  1. I saw some tfers do a reveal of their chic caviar and I immediately fell in love with it. However, i don't know much about this I have some questions regarding this beauty:

    1. What are the sizes (dimensions) and prices?
    2. What colors do they come in?
    3. Is this good as an everyday bag?
    4. Is there a difference between Shiva and Chic Caviar?

    I also saw some pics and i noticed that there's 2 different hardware they come in. I am actually interested more in the hardware that looks like the classics. What colors do those come in?

    Please post pictures of your Chic Caviar for reference. I would really appreciate all your help...and any information/opinions are welcome! :smile:
  2. I can only answer the third and forth question since I have Shiva. The difference between the two is the chain. Shiva has bijoux chain while Chic Cavier has interlaced chain. It's a good everyday bag for me. The leather is quite care free.
  3. Don't waste time thinking about it because most boutiques are selling out fast!
  4. I think chic caviar comes in blue, purple, grey and red all with a shiny sheen finish. It is a good everyday bag as they are light and has a slouchy look (which I like since it looks more casual). Shiva leather is rather stiffer and has a wrinkle appearance.

    I have chic caviar in red (the bigger size) so I might be biased though...:P

  5. I have the blue and I really like this bag. Other colors I've seen are purple, green, grey, silver.

    There are two sizes. Mine is the smaller size (medium I think) and about the same size as my m/l classic flap but a bit roomier.

    You can see some modelling pics from the link I posted earlier:
  6. 1. There are 2 sizes: small (about size of M/L flap, $2900 in the US) and large (about size of jumbo flap, $3200 in the US and $3125 in Canada)

    win28 has listed all the colors for you :smile:

    3. It's good as an everyday bag. If you're petite (probably 5'2" and less...) it could probably work cross-body for you too. Can be worn single or double chain. The soft caviar makes it more casual than classic flaps.

    4. Shiva - chain is only metal, has wrinkly, more distressed and stiffer leather. Comes in some neutral colors. I think the hardware is also a brushed/distressed/aged gold. Chic caviar - chain has metal with leather interlaced (like classic flaps), leather has a metallic/iridescent finish and is softer, hardware is distressed/aged pewter. I'm not sure what you mean by different hardware for the chic caviar--I've only seen one type. Maybe you are thinking of the Shiva? They are both aged, and not really like the classic flaps (classic flaps have smaller CC on the front, and the hardware is shiny). The difference i think it just silver (chic caviar) vs. gold (shiva).

    I have pictures of my purple large chic caviar here:
  7. Omg! Gotta call the stores soon! lol. Since i cant find any red classic flap right i guess this bag will do for now. Thanks so much! :smile:
  8. Thanks for the info! Can you please post pics of your red when you get the chance. :smile: im thinkin of getting a red one too since the 12A red is so hard to get...i almost wanna give up :sad:
  9. Thank you win!!! Its so pretty...its very similar to the classic flap which i really like. Im 5'6 tall...would u recommend a the smaller size or the larger one? I want to be able to wear it crossbody.
  10. It's very awkward cross body. I'm 5'7" and already have a short torso and the bag still hits above my hip.

  11. Thank you for the info! Im 5'6 tall...i wanna be able to wear it crossbody. :biggrin: so im debating if i should get a med or large. But i definitely want a red one though. And also based on your description, i think im liking the chic caviar more than the shiva. I like how the chic caviar has more similarities with the classic flap. :smile:
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    Thank goodness i bumped into this thread :tup:Can anyone confirm whether the chic caviar also come in beige colour. TIA

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  14. Is chic caviar same as easy caviar? Thanks.