Chic Boutique Hotels *pics*

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  1. Ok, I'm in a travel mood! Here's the last of 'em!

    Hospitality industry experts say rumors of the boutique hotel's demise have been greatly exaggerated. You can still find hotels that are small enough to create an intimate feel, and are genuinely stylish and luxuriously comfortable to boot. In fact, a slew have opened in the last year, and more are on the way.

    Here's a list of favorite new arrivals to help you sort through them. The largest has 90 rooms, the smallest just 4, and while their styles range from traditional to futuristic, all have distinct design and top-notch service.
    Portrait Suites
    Opened in 2006, this 14-room hotel owned by the Ferragamo family's Lungarno Hotels and poised above a Ferragamo store. But there's no branding inside--just cozy rooms and exquisite attention to detail, with boar-skin covered tables, portraits strewn around like family photos, and a classic palate of neutral colors accented with dashes of acid green.
    Six Columbus
    New York
    The company that brought us the Hollywood Roosevelt and 60 Thompson is going uptown with the 90-room Six Columbus, on Columbus Circle overlooking Central Park, due to open in 2007. Interiors by designer Steven Sclaroff have a 1960s modernist look.
    Hotel Marqués de Riscal
    Elciego, Spain
    Whether you love or hate this five-month-old hotel may depend on how you feel about starchitects in general, and designer Frank Gehry's signature metallic swoops in particular. But there is no denying it's a rare chance to stay inside a work of modern art. Just don't expect too many right angles in the 41 rooms.
    Les Ottomans
    The 12 opulent rooms in this nearly year-old boîte have what the Kiwi Collection's Philippe Kjellgren calls a "wild interpretation of traditional Turkish design." Translation? Gilt mirrors, French doors and plush Anatolian carpets in the lobby, plus unique suites overlooking the Bosphorus. All mix gold bedspreads fit for a pasha with widescreen televisions and feng shui design principles.
    Adara Hotel
    Whistler, Canada
    Design goes to the ski slopes with Whistler's Adara Hotel, which opened last year. In a town that reveres timber beams and vast stone slabs, the 41-room Adara brings a refreshing hybrid sensibility with bright colors, molded plastic and work by local artists.

  2. [​IMG]
    New Majestic Hotel
    Opened last year and located in Chinatown, the 30-room New Majestic brings some funk to Asia's most straight-laced city. Rooms mix vintage and designer furniture, and bathrooms have free-standing copper tubs. Some rooms feature six-meter ceilings; others have private gardens. Emerging Singaporean artists designed site-specific works for the pubic areas.
    Myhotel Brighton
    Brighton, England
    Fans of cutting-edge design can look forward to the myhotel group's new Brighton property. The 81-room hotel, scheduled to open in 2007, was designed in cooperation with Karim Rashid, a designer noted for his translucent plastic home furnishings.
    Veracruz, Mexico
    The owners of the Mexico City's stylish Habita and Condesa DF hotels opened this whitewashed 20-bungalow boutique on the beach last year, naming it in honor of the local sugar industry. Rooms have private terraces with hammocks.
    Gaige House
    Sonoma Valley, Calif.
    In another example of urban boutique hoteliers branching out to the countryside, Thompson Hotels acquired this 23-room inn in the heart of Sonoma Valley wine country, relaunching it last year after extensive renovations. Peaceful surroundings are guaranteed: Architect Paul Discoe is also an ordained Soto Zen priest.
    Clos Apalta Winery and Guest House
    Santa Cruz, Chile
    The winery noted for its unusual modern glass-and-curved-wood design, as well as its grapes, opened four terraced guest bungalows last year nestled into the hillside and with views of the winery and surrounding mountains.
  3. Very unusual! Thanks for sharing! :yes:
  4. Thanks for posting these pics! I'd love to have an opportunity to stay at one of those boutique hotels.:heart: :yes:
  5. I love the one in Spain! Actually they all look like great fun. the way travel is these days I wish I could just zap myself to my destination, and skip the airport and flying. I'd travel a lot more often.

    thanks, maxter. Where do you find all these interesting tidbits?
  6. I love them all! I want to visit all of these unique hotels someday :biggrin: (Maybe I should make it one of my goals lol)
  7. wow, i wanna go there! :biggrin:
  8. I'm full of all kinds of useless trivia!
  9. Thanks Maxter! I love staying in boutique hotels. Love the architecture of the one in Spain.
  10. the bathroom of the one in new york is just gorgeous. . . six columbus. . . maybe I can afford it?
  11. i love this hotel.
    quebecs hotel leeds, england
    each room is named after a type of sweet but its really tastefull,like the sherbet room is decorated in pastel colours
  12. Wow, how nice! Thanks for sharing
  13. i'd love to go vacation at those hotels.. they look so good.