Chia seeds, Whole Foods?

  1. I started taking chia seeds a couple months ago and have been benefiting from them.

    I used to get them from the bulk bin of Whole Foods, but lately I haven't been able to find them. I went to three stores: one had a labeled bin that was empty, another had an empty space where I believe the chia seeds used to be, and the last had no sign of chia seeds at all in the bulk area.

    I had to cave and buy a pre-packed bag (supplement aisle) - about $13 (on sale-normally about $15) for 15 oz.

    Anyone know where else I could get chia seeds or anyone else notice a similar problem at their local Whole Foods.?
  2. wish I'd read this earlier 'cause I was in Whole Foods today. You'd think they would have them; they have everything else that's organic or healthful.
  3. What are Chia seeds and how are they beneficial please ?
  4. What about purchasing online? Sometimes I find that purchasing stuff online in bulk tends to be cheaper (something like this? This was just a 5-second search online, but I'm sure you can find something better or something you want )
  5. how do u incorporate them into ur foods?? i find them intolerable almost
  6. I was just talking to a colleague this morning about chia seeds. They are calorie dense, so they provide lots of energy and are sometimes referred to as a "runner's food." I don't know much more about them, except that my co-worker mentioned he got about a pound at Walgreens for ~$12.

  7. I've seen them at whole foods, but never in the bulk bin. I've only seen them packaged. I think the brand I bought is by spectrum. I guess you could try Amazon, as someone posted above. I love them beneficial!
  8. I got mine at for $7.99 them! If I have some in some water at night before a long run, I am no where near as thirsty when running the next day. I think they hold onto the water and help keep me hydrated.
  9. You can get chia seeds at ($11.75 for a 1 1/2 lb bag). They also have pictures of what "good" quality versus "bad" quality chia looks like so if you are buying it in bulk, you can decide if you are getting "good" seed.
  10. They work pretty well in a smoothie, green or otherwise, or mixed into something like quinoa.
  11. I've never seen this in the bulk bin at my local whole foods, only the prepackaged ones that are quite expensive. I usually put them as a nutritional boost to my oatmeal or mixed with fruit and yogurt for a bit of crunch.
  12. EDIT: I was at Whole Foods today and they had it! My local WF is quite a small branch, so if they have it I'd assume larger ones definitely would! Mind you, this is in Canada.