CHI Turbo Flat Irons, I need Advice!!!!

  1. Hi There,:P

    hello from Amsterdam!!! i'm so happy to be part of this forum! is amazing !!! you guys rock!!!

    i want to buy the CHI Turbo Flat Iron (Big 2" Iron) but before i will like to hear your experience/advice.. i really apreciated!! thank you for your time..


    :love: :love: :love:
  2. The best invention ever!! I am a proud owner of 2 CHI turbo irons!! I have thick, coarse hair, but after using CHI, I have black silky hair!!!:biggrin:
  3. Love my well spent!!!
  4. Chi is the best flat iron I have ever used...goodbye to Hot Tools!
  5. i :love: my chi...but it's the original one (skinny and no flocking). it is the only flat iron i have ever used that keeps my hair from curling for DAYS. it is a-maz-ing. one of the best hundred bucks i've ever spent.
  6. Hi there!! I'm in the Netherlands too. I own GHD straightening irons from England...they are pretty much exactly like CHI and they are perfect.

    I go to a Cosmo hair salon where they always do my hair with CHI irons and I absolutely recommend them:flowers: .
  7. thank you all for all your commnets!!!!
  8. Hi, I bought a Sudo -- had never had one before and I love it. Chose this brand because it was highly rated in Allure Magazine.
  9. I have gone ito the beauty supply store and asked about these. I was told the Chi is great/would be perfect if you have thick/ course hair. If you have fine hair you should go with the babyliss as this one doesnt get as hot. In either case they are amazing. I have yet to get one(its just a matter of getting back there) but i'm so looking forward to this purchase.
  10. I have a CHI flat iron...DOnt know how I lived without it!
    ITS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Amazing!!! Best flat iron I have ever owned! Worth every cent!
  12. Ooooh, where in Holland can you get this? I have a GHD iron but it's getting on a bit, love it to pieces.
  13. I have the CHi flat iron and curling iron. I love them both works wonder on curly hair. I also use some of the hair products too. This is by far the best flat iron out there.

  14. Cal,they were selling them at Cosmo salons and may still be doing so...they certainly use them :biggrin:
  15. I have a T3 flatiron, but my hairstylist uses a CHI flatiron - and my hair ALWAYS looks fabulous when she does it!!