Chi-town sunday shopping SPREE...let's PICK!!!!

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Which purple should be my passion?

  1. Small Sophia! She's still a good sized bag at a good price!

  2. Lg. Sophia! Go BIG or go HOME!

  3. HINGE X-body! That's alotta leather for $298.00

  4. MFF is yummy, wallet friendly and patent to BOOT!

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  1. Which purple leather bag?? UGH, I'm considering FOUR, yes count them FOUR different purple leather bags and it's killin' ME!!!
    (One is MFF so will be MUCHO cheaper.) This would actually allow me to buy the MFF and the non-Coach BUT who needs 3 purple bags? <---I already have one.

    #1~Sm. leather Sophia in purple $358
    14.5in. X 10in. X 3in.

    #2~lg. leather Sophia in purple $398
    17in. X 12in. X 3.25in

    #3~ MFF newest pleated patent leather gallery tote in purple. I don't have the measurement for this but we ALL KNOW the approx size of the MFF gallery totes. I believe this bag would run me maybe $125-$150 MAX.

    #4~ HINGE brand purple leather conv. X-body satchel $298
    20in. X 12in. X 7in.
    ^^^this bag is very Sophia-like

    I plan on purchasing a purple bag and one in the military green (we won't even get into THAT!) LOL

    Give me your vote Coachies! I love BIG bags which draws me to the HINGE bag, and I love the deep color and Tribeca tote-like look of the MFF tote. Hopefully I'll see the one and fall in love, but incase I get there and struggle help me find my way!!!

    Here are the pic's. I only pictured purple Sophia once because the only difference is the size!!!

    Also here's the link to the gallery tote! Didn't want to "steal" the pic and couldn't find any other pic. It's post #125!!!

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  2. Oooohhhh, what a hard choice! I'm a huge fan of Sophia, so I would vote for that, in large! Have fun making your decision!
  3. I like the Sophia but the MFF patent purple (I have not seen IRL) looks yummy and if it fits your budget and you like the style... I say go for that one. Good luck!
  4. (One is MFF so will be MUCHO cheaper.) This would actually allow me to buy the MFF and the non-Coach

    I went with the MFF since you like it as much as the others, and I think the color is gorgeous. Plus you would have $$ left over to buy something else.
  5. ^^^Well ladies, here's the dealio! I have a B. Mischka bag I'm returning (bad reviews) that will allow me $300. Then hubby told me since he got some new Harley parts that were QUITE pricey that I could have another $400-$500. I have NO INTENTION on spending the WHOLE WAD on a bag...I want some boots and skinny jeans too, and I gotta hit up Sephora! LOL

    Budget is not really an issue BUT the MFF is TDF, and would allow me the military green bag I want + other goodies at the outlet!!!
  6. I voted the hinge, which would be taken care of with your return leaving you the rest for your other goodies...I love that it looks kind of like the Sophia- but while I've seen the sophia all over the place, I've never seen the Hinge- so it's unique while being beautiful.
  7. I vote the MFF tote. I got this one in purple and gold and the are lovely!!!
  8. MMF tote!
  9. I voted for the large Sophia but it was before I read the rest of your comments. If you can describe the MFF bag as "TDF", it sounds as though you would really love it, so I'm changing my vote to that.

    One thing about the Hinge, I'm not a big fan of the handles through the circle thing through the leather (sorry, I'm sure there's a name for that, just don't know it). If you're anything like me, the bigger the purse, the more you'll carry. I'm just afraid that if you decide to carry it as a satchel, the weight will eventually cause it to tear.

    But I agree, all the purples are beautiful!
  10. I voted for the small sophia~Only because the size is decieving! It is not that small and is considered a med. bag!(Thats what my SA said and I agree!)I didn't like the large because of how she looked with the strap.Well, get what you want and what you think you will love!
  11. I vote Gallery tote..I love Gallery Tote so much..
  12. Well, now that I seen you like big bags, I vote the Large Purple Sophia:P
  13. Hi,
    I voted for the Hinge Handbag!!! I really like the purple on that bag!!!
    Good Luck in your decision!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  14. I'm liking that Hinge bag.
  15. Well, I had to get my nails done tonight since this country folk is headin' to the big city tomorrow (LMAO) and got to see small Sophia IRL. NOPE...NO WAY...NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!! I would have been SOOOOO sad had I ordered her from I usually will only buy a bag that is ATLEAST 13+ in wide 9-10+ in tall and 4-5 in deep. I would have thought they sent me a Sophia TOP HANDLE POUCH after seeing the measurements and then seeing the bag IRL!

    I think I'm going after the HINGE bag!!! I can dress her UP with a cute FOB, and accessorize her on my way home at the outlet!!!!

    We'll see...heaven only knows what I'll truly come home with! Hubby will be trying to talk me into some $900 bag that I'll refuse, later kick myself for refusing (but knowing deep down I did the right thing!) LOL

    What for a reveal tomorrow because I'm hitting Nordies...Sephora...Coach FP & Michael Kors!!!!!