Chi Town shopping Hermes style and the "Dragon Lady" *** Must read...whooooosh!

  1. Hello everyone!

    I am back from my fabulous trip to Chicago. What a whirlwind I must say. The first stop I had to make was the Hermes store. Of course DH did not want to go. So~ I hailed a cab and set off, well wouldn't you know it. They were closed. Oh-well, at least I got to see where it was at.

    The nest morning I was there right after they opened. I saw this fabulous SA and guess who he was?? Yes~ my SA that sold me my beautiful Kelly the week before and shipped her to me. He is FAB! I introduced myself and we hit it off immediately. We talked for at least an hour...He loves Harry Potter and when I received a text message (harry potter theme) it was kissmet! (sp?)..anywhooo We looked at a ton of stuff. I tried almost all the fragrences (none work for me, but I got DH some cologne).

    There was a Birkin. It was a tan and canvas bag. Very chic, but concerning for stains. A lady came in and was thinking about buying it for Christmas for her daughter. (She can adopt me anytime).

    He had a TON of kellys in the back. I asked to see etoupe, but she wasn't there....bummer...who knows, she maybe my next "H"...

    he explained to me the difference between my kelly and the more boxy style. He explained that the literally take the bag and turn it inside out to stretch it. If anything, he said anything goes wrong at all..the bag is immediately destroyed. That is how my kelly got it's soft form. I learned quite a bit.

    he gave me and my friend a tour of the store and I told him I would reccommend him to anyone. He was that sweet.

    I bought refills for my new Blue Jean Vision Agenda and the cologne for my DH. I love the a man should be with a hint of leather. FAB!

    I debated on a cadena..they have the dancing horse (silver), pegasus (gold/silver), Hippo (silver) and maybe one more...yes, the pelican (gold I think).

    The Dragon Lady may be located in a boutique right down from the Hermes store. She was Horrible. She is a re-seller of authentic designer items and was the MOST rudest person I have EVER come accross. She accosted me and said "Why would you purchase a Hermes in THAT color?" I told her because I like it. She then said that It was NOT a color that would hold its value and that it would not resell well. I told her I intended to keep it. She then shook her head at me and told me I should have bought black and in the style of a contance. She was so not shop there. I know I won't. if she is reading this ... You need to be NICE to your customers!...That is what better business practice is all about!...You have now lost at least 2 potential customers..and maybe more when people read this. You were very RUDE to say the least. sad thing..her store is named one of the best by LUCKY Mag and others to frequent. She even bragged about making money off of others designer items.

    having stated that ^^^..back to H~ I decided to hold off on more big purchases as I have spent quite a bit lately...but I had a great time.
    Here is a pic of me (LEFT) and my friend..and "H" stuff:heart:
    Nov2007 001.jpg Nov2007 019.jpg Nov2007 018.jpg
  2. You are so adorable! And I am glad you had fun at H! Good for you for sticking up for your BEAUTIFUL BJ Kelly...forget dragon lady! :smile:

    Awww....your story cheered me up! Glad you had a great GREAT time. You and friend look very happy indeed :smile:
  3. What fun! (well, except for the Dragon Lady, but we won't think about that anymore!)

    Love the Blue Jean Kelly with your green coat!
  4. Your SA sounds like a sweetie.

    Does the Dragon Lady's shop name starts with a "D"?
  5. Sounds like fun!!! I'm glad you got to meet your SA. :yes:Wanna bet the dragon lady had a black constance for sale?
  6. OMG!!! What the....what???! What is wrong with people??

    Other than that, it sounds like your time actually at the Hermes boutique was wonderful, and it's so nice to hear a positive and glowing review of an SA. Glad you had fun!
  7. You and your friend are so cute, Ghost! What a great experience at the Chicago H. I'm glad that you found a good SA. You can just forget about that other store.

  8. O...I am not sure. She was such a waste of time that I hope to forget her REAL Soon.

    Thanks for letting me share everyone! :girlsigh:It was a blast! and DragonLady has deifinitely lost some business.
  9. yay ghost!!! you are so adorable i could scream! i am so glad you had an awesome time at your first h store. it's a slippery slope my friend! and love the vision agenda and everything. a cadena, btw, is a must. i have the pegasus that i wear on a necklace (quitte ou, also hermes) and i adore it!
  10. The nerve of some people. How could you say that to anyone? It is bad business practice in general...

    Looks like you had a good time. You and your friend look gorgeous!
  11. I enjoyed your story! What fun! I love your Kelly. That Dragon Lady is really rude for saying what she did.
  12. Great story, Ghost! :nuts: I'm glad you hit it off with the SA you purchased your beautiful Kelly from. Sounds like you had a fabulous time, even if Dragon Lady was a witch :yucky:
  13. Sounds like fun, ghost! Forget about Dragon Lady, she doesn't know what she is talking about :tdown:
  14. Glad you had a blast - fate must have drawn you and the SA (who sold you your BJ kelly) together... Now that you have established a wonderful relationship with your SA, I predict more grail bags coming your way in the future.
  15. Well, she isn't named the Dragon Lady for nothing...

    Sounds like you had a great adventure... thanks for sharing. Love your Kelly... to me, that's a classic!