CHI Silk Infusion- how 2 use?

  1. I won a couple of little bottles of this Silk Infusion and I just don't know how to use..
    I live in Brazil, and here we don't have this brand..
    I tried google it but the explanations are too vague..
    Which is the best way to use this product that I heard is amazing for your hair?

    thank you so much girls
  2. You use a very small amount on wet hair. Then blow and style.
  3. thank you!!:yes:
  4. Yea I do the same, but after styling sometimes I use a little more for added sheen.
  5. I usually put it on both before and after drying/ironing, but just because it came witht the flat iron. I really dislike the smell of it. It works well, though.