CHI Repair/guarantee


Apr 9, 2007
I have a CHI but (probably because I often wrapped the cord around it so...) the cord started to get loose.
Need to put it on certain position first before it gets ON and hot.
Then I read that it has one year guarantee but this CHI has been w/ me more than a year.
Read somewhere that I should contact CHI directly to get it repair.
However, also read somewhere if I bring it to Trade Secret (or some other store like that), I can get a new replacement for free even though there's no receipt.

I wonder whether the last one is true or not...does anyone have experienced this before?????


Aug 3, 2006
No idea about taking it in to Trade Secret, but my mom just had this problem with her CHI (she's had it for a couple of years now), and they are repairing it for $35 (she had to ship it back to them... just call them up). So, in case the Trade Secret option doesn't work out you can always do that.