Chi recall - fire hazard

  1. This recall is a couple weeks old but, I just saw it on another forum. According to the report

    Hazard: The iron’s “on/off” switch was installed incorrectly. When the iron is plugged in and switch is in the “off” position, the iron remains “on,” which could pose fire and burn hazards.
  2. I've never had any problems with my Chi...
  3. The recall is for certain models, not all the Chi's. It lists all the affected model numbers in the link.
  4. Ok I know this is terrible, but my first thought was "Yay! Now I can get one on sale! :nuts:"

    I never leave my irons plugged in anyway :shrugs:
  5. aren't they suppose to pull them off the shelves completely if there's a safety recall??
  6. ^They're supposed to, but there's probably unauthorized retailers that will have them really cheap now. Or sometimes what happens is that all of the products-- even the non-recalled ones-- will go on sale, because retailers worry they won't sell or they just want to get rid of them. Or maybe they just do it to save face? IDK. I don't think the recalls will hurt the Farouk company, but I expect to see some good sales as a result:shrugs:

  7. Ditto.