CHI-hair products

  1. Has anyone tried the Chi hair products? I need to do some last minute Christmas shopping and wondered if these were good products. I wanted to get them for people who use alot of heat styling appliances on their hair.
  2. I use CHI silk infusion after i wash my hair to protect it against the heat of the blow dryer and flat iron
  3. My new Chi came with a sample bottle of something... I can't recall the name but it was definitely by Chi of course. Only I hated the smell so I never got around to using it, and then my friend kept it for herself. So there goes any opinion I might have had lol. Smells bad!
  4. I like the shine spray that comes in the red aerosol can!

    I don't know if you have a Walgreens nearby, but the one near me had all of their Farouk products (including Chi) on clearance for $3-6 this week!!!! :tup: