CHI curling iron?

  1. well so i heard Kim K's fave curling iron is the CHI curling iron...and we all know her curls are gorgeous..anyways.....does anyone know if there's a big diff. between the metal curling irons and a ceramic one? except the price of course! lol..

    if anyone has a ceramic one how do you like it and does the curl really come out better than a regular one? i use a cheap conair metal one which definately damages my hair! but i cant seem to find a chi curling iron around my area---i wanna buy it in person......
  2. no one has a ceramic curling iron? boooo =(
  3. Eh if your normal curling iron does a fine job curling your hair, I don't think you HAVE to change to a ceramic. Either way your hair gets a little damage..if you already have a CHI or GHD straightener, try to use that to curl your hair. I have a GHD and I use that to curl my hair sometimes. I normally use a metal curler (Bedhead) and sometimes I use my 25mm Enzo Milano ceramic iron. (this is the one without a "clip") The Enzo is really great for loose curls but it takes a while to curl a full head of hair with it. Also it gets really tiring since you have to hold the curls because there is no clamp.

    Honestly, I don't think it's necessary to spend more money on a ceramic iron if you don't really need it. You damage your hair anyway. I would just recommend taking good care of your hair by deep conditioning and stuff like that. Your choice though. :yes:
  4. thank you priin =)

    i do have the ghd....i guess it just takes me too long to use it to curl. lol. oh yeah i've seen that enzo curling iron thing--very pricy!
  5. :yes: The GHD is pretty pricey too.
  6. I think ceramic is supposed to be a lot better for your hair than non-ceramic. Kim's hair is gorgeous. Have you tried going into hair salons & asking if they sell it?

    When I curl my hair I either do it with my GHD's & it some of it ends up looking stupid & bent & the rest looks nice & normal. Or I do it with my Carmen Girls Angel Curls tongs which looks good (I think my avatar pic is with them), but it takes me FOREVER to do.. like two hours! :sad:

    If you get the CHI let us know what it's like!
  7. yeah kim has naturally straight hair too which helps a lot lols. i havnet gone into any hair salons to ask about it...i'm thinking if i cant even find it online will they have it at the store? but i feel the same as you..some pieces w/ the ghd looks retarted lol.

    i've never heard of the carmen girl's angel curl tongs..i should look it you have a link of the curling iron you have? your curls on your avatar look nice =)
  8. I love your sig picture!! Nice curls :p
  9. lol thnx priin..that was such a candid shot! i was volumizing haha. yeah i def. need a new curling iron! i lost my ghd heat protectant too! argghh!
  10. Did you like it? I didn't buy it when I got my GHD iron.
  11. priin, I've always wanted to try that Enzo Milano iron. I read it can give you loose waves, kinda like Kate Hudson. Does the style hold when you use it??
  12. yeah i wanna see pics of your hair curled w/ the enzo milano! =)

    i liked the ghd protectant spray! i dont know where it could have gone ! it wasn't sticky or anything on my hair...
  13. In my avatar I had curled it with the Enzo Milano, then fixed the ends with my GHD iron. I don't like curling the very tips of my hair when using the Enzo because it's so hot and you have to use the glove. Pursebuzz on youtube uses the Enzo in some of her vids. Check those out. :yes: It's a very easy iron to use..but a big hassle if you need your hair curled quickly.