Chi by Carlos Falchi

  1. I am channel flipping and came across a show of Chi by Carlos Falchi handbags. These bags look stunning! I am buying an embossed calfskin leather hobo to try his line. Any opinions?
  2. One of my mom's friends loves his bags..they're pretty cute. I'm not sure about the quality but her friend has used the same bag for quite awhile (she's not real into having a ton of bags) and it still looks cute. I'd say go for it if you want one! You can always send it back for a refund if you end up not liking it.
  3. He had some gorgeous (at least they looked it on TV) bags on the was in Ostrich and the other was in pure croc, not embossed. Both bags went for around $1500
  4. I am a huge Carlos Falchi fan. I have a tan deerskin leather and croc mix "small doctor's bag" and a black pebbled leather "large doctor's bag" with contrasting stitching. I believe the Chi by Carlos Falchi is like the equivalent to the Marc by Marc Jacobs- great quality and a better price point. He makes really interesting handbags. Show us pictures if you buy one!
  5. Oh definitely! I'd love to see which one you decide on, if you do!
  6. I bought 2 from HSN today
    Ostrich in Pink 1500
    and Crocodile in Navy 1575
  7. Oooh! these are gorgeous! Congrats-
  8. Oh I LOVE the first one!! It's gorgeous in pink-congrats!!
  9. I have a Chi, great quality, I think that you will enjoy his bags. He also sells bags at Neiman's etc. I didn't get a dust bag with mine though. I bought mine through HSN, great price.
  10. I loved the Ostrich in Hot Pink. Good choice Chanel4! If I like the bag I ordered when I receive it, I am getting one of his Ostrich ones too.
  11. Carlos Falchi has been around a while. I had a bunch of his bags back in HS and that was 20 years ago. I still have a large black leather flap bag with multi color snakeskin patches covering the flap. It's very 80's but very cool (I think). His recent stuff is beautiful.:smile:
  12. I have two of the doctors bags and love them. Very well made I think.