"Chewy Vuitton" - Whould you get your furbaby one?

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  1. Haha, that's so cute!
  2. My babygirl has one!! She chewed the strap though, so its hanging off a bit!
  3. I love the item and hate to hear they are being sued but I have to say I am glad LV seems to be cracking down on those capitalizing on their name (mainly fakes on E-bay)!
  4. ^^ Same thing happened to my dog. He chewed off the strap within hours!
  5. :roflmfao: Anyone catch towards the end where the article says LV makes leashes/collar that cost up to $1600? :wtf: They must be mistaken...unless LV is hiding the good stuff!
  6. I would be afriad it would confuse my doggy and which she could chew on...lol ;)
  7. Maybe they were refering to pet items in general. The pet carrier, it is close to that amount.
  8. That makes sense. They could've worded the article better!
  9. We got one of the chew toys for my puppy Louis but he shredded it within a week :P
  10. So cute, I would get one.
  11. I have a new puppy - my trainer advised me not to give the pup anything that resembles anything real . . . to avoid confusion.
    And nothing fuzzy, only hard rubber things he can really chew chew.

    I would love the idea of something LV for him, maybe our friends in Paris will make a toy my furbaby can chew !!!

    ps: I had often wondered about the legal ramifications of the chewyvuitton company - this is really a statement about LV and the seriousness of their effort to confront imitators/counterfeiters....any lawyers here want to chime in? I am not a lawyer, but interested in business/economics in general
  12. We had a range of these in my pet boutique, and the Chewy Vuittons were the first ones sold and restocked. I think the humour behind these dog toys have been misinterpreted. I heard one of the customers telling the staff his dog will get drunk drinking the Dog Perignon. :roflmfao:
  13. Well I wouldn't get one just because my furbaby is a large variety and soft plush toys are a waste of money for her because she'd have it torn apart in an instant.

    However, I would buy this item if she did play more gentle. I don't see it as a copyright infrigement because they don't use the LV or real Vuitton name anywhere on the product. The motifs are a bit different too. I'm glad LV's legal team is cracking down on offenders but I don't think this was a battle worth fighting.
  14. LOL my chis have that toy!!

    They also have a blue tiffany box squeaky toy that says "Return to Sniffany"!!